I want to make a Android game for kids

I want to create a Android application, a kidsgame called "Petgarden"

The game starts in a backyard / garden with a wooden fence around it, you start with a certain amunt of money (100$ or so) and after some greetings you get tips that tells you to go get a new pet !

you have some tabs on the upper part on the screen where you can find the map, when you press the map you can choose where to go, you have the "petshop", the "pet supplyshop" the "racetrack", the "showroom", " friendtown" ,

in the Pethshop you will have the coise of 20 different breeds chosen from this list : [url removed, login to view] (whoever you find most suitable.) some dogs will be more suited for racing and some more suited for the showroom.

for example the greyhound and the whippet will be fast ( and therefore very, very expensive), and not good at the showroom , the chihuahua and the pomeranian will be cute, small and some of the best in the showroom ( and therefor very very expensive)

you can also sell you dogs in the petshop, at 25% of the buy-price

the best dogs will be the dogs that is a breed of the 2 top dogs of each category. (for example, if you breed greyhound and whippet, it will be the best race dog, and the same with the top show dogs.) if you breed the best showdog with the best racedog, you will have a mix, that is very good at both categories.

the "pet supplyshop" will have different foods, toys, treats*, and accessories ( earrings, collars, noserings, some clothes, sunglasses and hats)

stuff can be sold here too, at 10% of value

the "friendtown" will contain all your friends from facebook which also plays the game, they will be listed after which level their best dog is.

when you click you automaticly visit their garden and can see their dogs, and if you click a doog you can choose " play" which will bring up a list of your dogs, and the dog you choose will fool around with the selected dog ( with no purpose ).

breeding works the same way, but the dogs will snuggle and dissapear into a small heart (disabling them from beeing used of course) that will stand in both owners gardens until breeding is finished, then the dogs will appear in their owners garden and the heart will dissappear.

The Racetrack will be a zoomed out sidescrolling dograce, you will race dogs in the same level , and will earn xp and cash if you place 1st 2nd or 3rd,

(2nd 50 % of what 1st place gets and 3rd vill get 25% of what 1st place gets)

And the showroom will work pretty much the same way.

the levelsystem :

at lvl 1 : you your dog can only be a puppy at this lvl . need 100 xp to reach lvl 2

reaching lvl 2 you get 50% of the dogs buy-in value and will inreace its stats (racing, showroom sell-value) by 10% need 300 xp to reach lvl 3

reaching lvl 3 you get 100% of the dogs buy-in value and will inreace its stats (racing, showroom, sell-value) by 10% need 800 xp to reach lvl 4

I want to create a Android application, a kidsgame called "Petgarden"

the graphics need to be cute , and well done.

it should be possible to race online, there should be some kind of In-app purchase, for some currency ( for example dogbones , dogwhistles, golden dollars) that you can buy xp, dogs, and accesories for,

more details about this can be discussed with the chosen developer.

looking forward to hear from you

Skills: Android, Game Design, Mobile App Development

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