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[Repost: The MonoGame framework is no longer required - we want to do it using Unity 3d instead]

We want to make a game where kids can learn math. The game consist of several very simple minigames (see attachement, that shows a draft of a mainscreen with some "buttons" than - when tapped - starts a minigame).

Your job is to program the app using Unity 3D. The code in the app must be like 99% done when delivered to me. We will do user acceptance test before the game is published to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Good knowledge of using 2D in Unity 3D is a must.

We will provide all graphics and sounds for the game.

Currently, we have designed two very simple minigames (you need to program only these 2 minigames and the app that contain them). See below and see attached image.


You need to tap balloons so the equation is correct to get a point (star). If you get the equation wrong you lose a point (star).


You need to tap the correct result for the shown question to get a point (star). Player's car will move a bit to the right when correct number is tapped – one (random selected) of the other players (animals) will move a bit to the right if users tap wrong answer. The sign with the question, bushes and road moves from right to left until a racecar has reached right side of screen. If player wins the race he will get a point (star). When screen is tapped the race starts again.

For both games: If back is pressed the mainscreen is shown. The minigames generates random simple questions/equation using addition, subtraction, multiply and division (e.g. “_ + _ = 12” or (“12 x 2 = _”).

The difficulty (bigger numbers in questions/equation) rises at bit every time you get an answer correct. When you get an answer wrong the difficulty is lowered a bit.

The score is saved when user quits the app.

More details will follow.

You must be willing to sign an agreement where you give me full copyright of all produced code/material - and you are not allowed to use any code/material produced in this project in other projects without permission from me.

Please only place a bit, if your qualified for the job. Good knowledge of Unity 3D is a must.

If this project goes well, other minigames (and other projects) are in the pipeline for you. We are interested in a long-term relationship.

Skills: C# Programming, Mobile Phone

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