Mobile Application in J2ME for nokia or Java Enabled Phones


I am looking for the mobile application which runs on Java enabled Phone. This is phase I of this application and if everything works fine in phase 1, more advanced functionality will be needed / added to the application

Brief of mobile application : This application should give the user "interface" to generate Mobile Recharging (prepaid mobile / Direct to home) request along with some basic operations to verify his account status via SMS or GPRS

Functions which user can do via this applicatin

1) Giving Interface to the User to generate a Recharge request and forward to a Number via SMS or trigger a URL via GPRS

2) Giving Interface to the User to Check his account balance via SMS or GPRS (For e.g. SMS request should be like this "RB" -( SEND TO 0123456789).

Basic steps to generate Mobile / DTH Recharging Requst

Step 1) From the prefeeded list of mobile and dth operators user select the company. (list of 22 companies)

Step 2) After selecting the company user is asked to put the mobile number or subscriber ID of DTH (Input box)

Step 3) Confirm the number entered above (Input box) and validate that number entered at stage 2 match the

number entered at stage 3 . If both match proceed to step 4

Step 4) Ask the user to enter the recharge Amount (input box)

Step 5) Ask the user option normal recharge / special recharge (two option = normal / special)

Step 6) Second Recharge ( Yes / No ) . Second recharge means, we dont allow client to do the recharge of "same number", "same amount" twice in a day. So if client wants to again do the recharge within 24 hours , he has to specificially say that he wants to generate repeat recharge.

Step 7) Show entire input on the screen for confirmation and if user confirms that all the input is correct then proceed to last stage

Step 8) Send the entire details in a "SPECIFIC" format to a pre-entered Mobile Number or VIA GPRS (if phone supports it) trigger a URL.

Flow of user interface

Select operator > Enter Number > Confirm Number > Enter Amount > Enter special / Normal > Repeate Recharge (Y/N) > Confirm all details >

Send details via SMS or GPRS.

E.g. Client want to Recharge AIRTEL Prepaid Card , the number to recharge is 01234567890 and the recharge amount is Rs 100 then request via SMS should be like this

ARTL (space) 01234567890 (space) 100 (space) 06/Sep/2011

In above example

ARTL is code specified by us for AIRTEL.

01234567890 is number to Recharge

100 is amout to recharge

06/Sep/2011 is date of request generated.

E.g. of URL via GPRS

[url removed, login to view]

User need to be given following option in the application

Option Menu

1) SMS Gateway No. 1 = The number on which the SMS will be forwarded. Client should be able to change this.

2) Username = this would be passed in the URL fired via GRPS

3) Password = this would be passed in the URL fired via GRPS

We will REQUIRE FULL SOURCE code also along with delivery of this application.

Skills: J2ME, Mobile Phone, Nokia, Symbian

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