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Capture two doc images, convert to base 64 byte stream

I am building a Check Deposit app. The user should take a picture of the front and back of a check, type in the check amount, and hit a button to upload to a web service. Finished app will have one view controller with two UIImageViews, labeled front and back, plus a button which will kick off a function to take the process the images.

Required functions are tap a UIImageView to begin a camera session. Display a view of what the camera is seeing, plus a large red rectangle with three labels on it. Label one is centered horizontally just above center of check and displays text from a variable. For the moment, the variable's text says "Fill the screen". Another label is centered near the right hand edge line of the rectangle and says "Top" The orientation of the text will indicate to the user that they should turn the phone counter-clockwise and take the picture. Third label will be centered Display a label over the camera view which counts down from 3, 2, 1 then snaps the photo so user is not shaking the camera by tapping the button.

When they have taken a picture, automatically crop to the rectangle and populate the UIImageView they tapped with a thumbnail image rotated upright. Hold the full size image in memory somewhere and pass it into the processing function behind the button. Don't worry if they scan it upside down, we'll make them retake it later. Ideally, the photo process will use same exact code for capturing both images, only taking a parameter of the UIImageView to know which to populate.

Pressing the button will take the full-sized cropped images and convert them to base64 encoded strings. I will take over the project from there and add the server upload code and image verification. However, to prove the concept that the images have been properly encoded, I would like a small or c# project (source code and executable) which has a text box I can post the base64 string into and a PictureBox which will display the decoded text string as a picture.

My general thinking on this project is $2500 for all of the above, breaking down as follows:

$1000 for the basic requirements of the iPhone/iPad

$100 for converting images to bitonal black and white

$500 De-skew and Auto-crop the checkimages

$100 Convert images to TIF either on phone or in the viewer app. (this can just save it to disk and I can open in another viewer).

$800 I will also be doing an identical project for Android. Same functions as described above, but obviously, it's nearly double the work, so I'll pay for that.

One question I've gotten more than once is which platform to use for this. I need an Android AND and iOS app which will do these things. HTML 5 can do a lot of the project, but we are building them as native apps. I have worked out the conversion to black and white and deskew and autocrop the images on the server side. However, I would prefer to have this done inside my actual apps, to save on licensing costs.

Please specify whether you are bidding on the Android, iOS version or BOTH.
- Basic requirements of the iPhone/iPad
- Converting images to bitonal black and white
- Deskew and Auto-crop the checkimages
- Convert images to TIF either on phone or in the viewer app. (this can just save it to disk and I can open in another viewer).
- Identical project for Android

One new requirement: I do not want the user to be able to choose images from their library. Ideally, these images will not be left in the phone after upload.

Skills: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile App Development

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