Clone Android Game with Corona


I would like you to *clone* this app using Corona:

[url removed, login to view]

## Deliverables

This is a project that uses the Corona SDK to build iPhone, iPad, and Android app. You can read more about the Corona SDK here:

[url removed, login to view]

Corona is a very powerful development environment that allows you to build iPhone, iPad, and Android apps using the "lua" programming language. It's a "write once, build anywhere" sort of environment. For this project, you just need to get the project working in the Corona simulator. You do NOT need to test the project on an iPhone or Android phone. I will do that, and let you know if any adjustments need to be made. You do NOT have to submit anything to the various app stores. Just get the app working in the Corona simulator. I have a Corona subscription to create deployment-ready builds.

I would like you to *clone* this app using Corona:

[url removed, login to view]

By "clone" I mean that the app should work exactly as it does in the Android Market, with the same design, animation, and sound, EXCEPT for the following things:

1) You should not clone bugs! If there is a bug or crash in the Android Market app, obviously that bug should not exist in the Corona version.

2) The app should function correctly in all device types available in the Corona simulator (iPad, iPhone, Android).

3) You should change the name and credits to the name and credits that I will provide to you. Thus, you should not use the name or credits seen in the app.

4) If there is a feature in the app that is impossible with Corona (since Corona does have a few minor limitations), please find a suitable work-around for the feature, or remove the feature and make appropriate accommodations in the app so that the app still looks good and functions well. I do not believe that there are any such features, though.

5) You should add at least 2 new features to the app of your choice! This is where you can really get creative with it if you wish. The new features should provide meaningful new functionality that general users are likely to want. They should not be "trivial" (i.e., don't just add a graphic or change some text).

6) The game on the Android market includes only a few levels. I would like you to include at least 5 levels, with instructions to me on how I can add more levels.

A few things that you can IGNORE (may be removed from the Corona app):

- Advertisements. I don't know if the app shows ads at any point, but if it does, adds should be removed. I plan to sell the app for $[url removed, login to view] to make money. I personally hate to see ads on apps.

- Multi-language support. If the app has been translated to other languages, you may ignore the other languages. I am only interested in creating an English-language version of this app.


Obviously, there is a big copyright concern with the images and audio (not so much with the app functionality, since the functionality is already duplicated in many other apps).

For purposes of *development*, you should use the images and audio from the Android Market app. Before I submit this app to the Android Market, I will create my own images and audio to avoid copyright issues. You should, therefore, ensure that it is easy for me to just "drop in" new images and audio of similar dimensions (and named the same of course).

I think that for development purposes, it's OK to use the images and audio files, but if you believe otherwise, please let me know before starting the project so that we can resolve any potential copyright concerns.


I will VERY likely have many future upgrades for this app, so I think that we could potentially have a long term relationship of buyer/developer if you're interested!

If the Corona app takes a while to load, please do whatever you can to reduce the load time (like only loading images and libraries "on demand" as required in the app). You should also add a progress bar to the loading screen in such a situation, but hopefully this will not be necessary.


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Project ID: #3628213