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I need an IOS program that runs on the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, that allows the user to select and play music from their iTunes library, while the app generates Binaural Beats at the same time.

## Deliverables

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I need an app to run on iPhones, Ipads, and the Ipod touch that creates Binaural Beats while songs from the user's library plays simultaneously. There should be three buttons on the screen labeled "High-Alpha", "Mid-Alpha", and "Low-Alpha", the user's song library, and a play button.

*Binaural Beats are easy to program. To create beats at 10hz, with a base tone of 200hz in the right channel, you program a tone in the left channel at either 210hz, or 190hz. Simple.*

All three "tracks" are 15 minutes long, and the music and tones fade out during the last 30 seconds.

Right Channel tone default = 200hz

*The Pseudo Code*


Play Music and Tones;

Left Channel = (Right Channel + 15hz) decreasing for 60 seconds to (Right Channel + 12hz);

Left Channel = (Right Channel + 12hz) for 13 Minutes;

Left Channel = (Right Channel + 12hz) increasing to (Right Channel + 15hz) for 60 seconds;



Play Music and Tones

LC=(RC+15hz) decreasing to (RC+10hz) for 90 seconds;

LC=(RC+10hz) for 12 Minutes;

LC=(RC+10hz increasing to (RC+15hz) for 90 seconds;



Play Music and Tones

LC=(RC+15hz) decreasing to (RC+8hz) for 120 seconds;

LC=(RC+8hz) for 11 minutes;

LC=(RC+8hz) increasing to (RC+15hz) for 120 seconds;


If the user chooses music that is less than 15 minutes long, the music repeats without prompting(it's a relaxation app. I saw one in the Android market with 56 features. Try to set all of that up and still relax. Impossible.).

There are two volume controls. The *master volume* control adjusts the music and tones volume together(tones volume is always relative to music volume). There is also a volume control for the tones. Default volume for the tones is (device volume * .1)

The app remembers tone volume adjustments. In other words, if the user raises the volume of the tones, the tones will still be at that volume the next time they use the app.

A "pitch control" allows the user to raise or lower the right channel pitch(the left channel is always relative to the right channel).

While running, the app displays 2 stop buttons, labeled "Stop" and "Soft Stop". Soft Stop leaps to the second to last line of the pseudo-code.

Skills: iPhone, Mobile Phone

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