Port Adobe AIR game to iOS



Some time ago, I wrote a game for the BlackBerry Playbook using Adobe AIR. Supposedly, Adobe AIR apps can be ported to other mobile operating systems, including iOS. I tried to do this once, but for some reason it ran very poorly. I do not know if there was a limitation in my version of AIR, or if I did something incorrect. Your job is to take the project as written in AIR, and port it to iOS so that it works as well as it does on the Playbook.

I would also like you to resolve a small bug with the collision detection of the game (circle passing through a line).

You may port with AIR, or rewrite from scratch if you prefer for some reason. I will provide you with complete source code and resources, so this should be a relatively simple project.

Skills: iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Objective C

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Project ID: #2640502