Video Application - Stage 1


I need an app and the source code that has four tabs.

Tab 1 - Upload video

1. Allows a user to take a video - with choice of front or rear camera - for a time period.

2. The video should be no longer than 30 seconds.

3 The user is given an option to pause, record and cancel recording (which clears the movie from the phone)

3. This video is to be stored, so only this app can access it and it will need to be uploaded to a database(once the user clicks submit).

The following need to be done when submitted - with a progress bar indicating the page of the steps

Enter a title in a text field

Enter a category in a text field, list box


A location (ask the user to use the current location - or ask for a map, or allow a text form with name, address 1, address 2, address 3,

phone, mobile, web, email, How long should the video be available for (up to 7 days).

Tab 2 - View videos

This shows a scrolling page of thumbnails of videos (4 x 4) in time order from latest to oldest (the first 4x4 rows shows the latest videos, underneath this are Buttons that expand to show More Videos From today, Videos From Yesterday, Videos From the last few Days, All Videos (this may need to be over several pages -> depedndent on system resources)

When a user clicks on a thumbnail - the movie is retrieved from the database and stored to the phone -so only this app can view the movie) The video takes up the top half of the screen and once downloaded may be played multiple times from the iPhone for up to 7 days or less(if the user has set a time limit < 7 days on the video - after that the video is automatically deleted from the phone.

A user is given a button to reply to the movie maker. This includes the ability to create a short movie (up to 30 seconds, using front or rear camera), Title field and Text field. A log of videos the user has responded to is maintained (including a database reference)

Tab 3

Map view

A user may view videos by location (based on the data used when the video was created)

This map view is to display pins that a user may click on to do the same sort of functionality in tab2) This map view has categories for age of video (how new the video is - GReen for in the last hour - Red for about to expire, Orange for a few days old, yellow for 4-7days old, blue for 1-3 days old etc) or by Views --- The hotter(the yellower), the more people have views the less views (the more blue)

Tab 4

If no video has been created - this tab will contain a button that says "Create a Video" and will then launch Tab 1

If a video has been created this tab will contain a list of responses by people viewing the video, sorted by date - the first response will be at the top - The responses will be in strips - Each strip is to contain a thumbnail of the persons video, plus the title entered by the respondent, or the persons first name, the date created and the town location.


The data base will be created later if this proof of concept works - where connecting to database is specified simply provide the objective C code that would hook up to a database as if it was there. You can use a name VideoDatabase for the database name and Video-tablename for the different table names

at least Xcode 5 for Lion is preferable

All source code/libraries/gfx must be zipped up and supplied - so it can be compiled here

Easy well written code must be supplied in the format





Skills: Geolocation, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Video Upload, Videography

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