Write an Android/IPhone English/Arabic application

Dear Freelancers,

I want to make a marketing application in Arabic and English (for Android AND IPhone). The name of the app is 'AFDAL1', which translated to 'The Best 1'.

The idea is that when you click the app you get a search bar that has the word (best) written before it in both languages. So when someone who lives in Dubai writes the word "Coffee" (in Arabic or English) in the search bar they get:

1. Best coffee in Dubai

2. Best cappuccino in Dubai

3. Best coffee latte in Dubai

the results will be according to relevance to the keyword and according to the language used (if the user inputs Arabic he'll get Arabic results, if English English results)

(But the layout will be in both languages at once, for example a "contact us" button will have اتصل بنا just beneath it)

Then he clicks one of the above and is directed to the best product, which i myself will input

Of course the results will appear based on the searcher's location, so GPS integration is required. (for example if someone writes "cafe" and the input comes from Dubai, he gets automatically best cafe's in Dubai, whereas if he writes the same word "cafe" when he's in Cairo he'll get the best of Cairo)

The app will not be limited to restaurants and Cafe's but will include everything from home appliances to Supermarket products etc.

I will also need and easy way to access the database that the results come from so I can easily input the best products to it and update the information on a daily basis.

Also in the database some products have to be "location based" (best cafe's restaurants etc.) while other products general for everyone worldwide (best games, apps, home appliances etc.)


I will also need to be notified automatically of the searches from users that get no results.

For example someone writes "Lawnmower" after "best" and he gets zero results, that particular input would be sent directly to my email (or other means of gathering info) so that i will look for the best lawnmower, and update the database.


I also need to categorize the results based on cost with simple dollar signs (for example someone who lives in Dubai writes the word "burger" in front of "best" he gets the following results:

best burger in Dubai $

best burger in Dubai $$

best chicken burger in Dubai $

best chicken burger in Dubai $$

(two categories are enough one dollar sign (cheap) two dollar signs (expensive)


Another thing i would like the users to be able to "disagree" with the result they get. If someone has a different opinion he can have the option to post himself a different product just beneath the result he gets. (for example someone gets best burger in Dubai is X and he believes Y is better he can post beneath the results he gets his opinion Y )

Of course all of this would be sent to me directly so I can look into it. (either by email or other method)


I would like their to be a poll, or rather questions just under the search bar that people can click and answer.

For example common questions would be

1. Best burger in town?

2. Best pizza in town?

the user would answer these questions

and hence i would gather people's opinions and based on it choose the best stuff especially things that are known only to inhabitants of a particular city


The last feature the application should have is "promote yourself" this of course should be on the home page of the application.

If someone has a product and thinks his product could be the best in its category, he should click "promote yourself button" and would contact me via phone or email or twitter and send me the name of his product so i can test it and see if it indeed is the best.

The design and layout of the project should be as simple as possible with minimum if no animations. preferably all simple text-styled.

and should contain absolutely no stutter or lag, i want the scrolling to be extremely smooth.

Skills: Android, Database Administration, iPad, iPhone, Mobile App Development

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