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We would like to build simple data driven iOS App which allow user to signup/signin using their facebook account and let them subscribe and view the contents for given subject. Data should be residing under NoSQL database (preferably - cassandra, open for any other suggestion)


User: App user

Categories: Bunch of categories defined in database. Each categories has bunch of subjects.

Subject: Bunch of subjects defined in database under each category.

Content Entry: Each subjects have bunch of text entry to be displayed to users.

- First time user should get sign in using facebook page which will record the user in underlying database. We want to capture his/her email address, facebook id, first name and last name. We should assign our own user id as well.

- Once signed in, it should take user to the home page of the app.

- Subsequent use of the app should directly take user to home page, unless user has signed out in “Setting” page.

- Home Page should have three option in the bottom:

1. Catalog:

This page should list all the categories available in database. By clicking on the category, it should list all the subjects available in that category. By clicking on the subject, it should take to the page of the “subject overview” which will show the description and author of that subject. It should have also option to subscribe to the subject. (If user is already subscribed, it should have option of “Unsubscribe”

2. Subscribed Subject

This tab should display all the subjects that user has subscribed. By clicking on the subject, it should display the random content entry from that subject. While showing that random entry, it should record in database for it’s view by that user. On this page, user should have way to put comments. This information will be stored in database.

On the list of subscribed subject, “>” should take user to “Subject Overview” page and allow user to unsubscribe from the subject.

3. Settings

For now, we will have only signout option in the settings.

We can work on database model together. App should talk to backed using RESTful API. Backend platform to be used ubuntu 11 (Linux). Web Service to be built using python (preferably django framework - open for suggestions).

Some notes: Developer should have iOS development environment setup on his machine and should be able to deploy above end to end functionality to our local workstation once task is completed

pls let us know estimated time required for this project and if we like quality of work, we have a bigger project based on above requirements

Skills: Django, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Python

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