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1. Add image for the event as shown here [url removed, login to view]

2. Change the event description text.

3. Change the date format

4. After clicking Confirm the next page to load should be Manual. Currently this is Barcode.

5. Rename the bottom link ‘Manual’ to ‘Guests’

6. Across the bottom the icons should change order to the following and add the link Stats:

Guests QR Code Barcode Stats

7. Add the stats icon

8. The image should be added, event name updated and date updated the same as on the Individual event page. (repeat points 1, 2, 3).

9. The bottom text should be changed to the following

Event views

Guests arrived

Tickets for sale

Online sales

Guest tickets

Manual sales

Total sales

10. Add numbers for the above

11. The Ticket Management page is missing Manual and Guest ticket types. It should have these, the same as Guest Management.

12. The Tickets page for each ticket should display the Sales and Availability numbers

13. For both Manual and Guest tickets, Tickets available should be blank For both Manual and Guest tickets, Status and Data and Time sections should not be displayed

14. Show the number of tickets sold.

15. The available tickets can be entered and saved. This will update the db so that the app and website are updated.

16. The status for Test Ticket B is blank.

16. At the top of the page in the black header it should say ‘Status’.

17. The status updates should work

18. If Sold Out, then the status link is not available because the status can not be changed.

19. If the status is Selling or Not Selling then the status can be changed between these 2 options. These 2 options should appear on the status page. If selected, the status should be updated.

20. The option to ‘Update ticket availability’ should not be displayed for Manual tickets.

21. The option to ‘Update ticket availability’ should not be displayed for Guest tickets.

Instead, this should be sub heading ‘Add Guests’

21. The QR display does not work on iPads. It should work on iPads the same a on iPhones by viewing the ticket and displaying the details.

22. After opening the app there is an option to login by Facebook. This option should be made to work.

23. Errors should not be a popup. Thes message should appear beneath the tabs where the event names display.

24. Token has expired error. The login duration of the app should be updated to 30 days. So the app will not logout for 30 days. The error message should not display. If the app automatically logs out then the app should re-open at the login screen.

25. Invalid login erro. After several failed logins the error below displays. This message should be changed to ‘Sorry your login has failed again. Please visit [url removed, login to view] and reset your password, then try again.

Skills: iPhone, Mobile Phone

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