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I am going to create a series of similarly based apps and am looking for a programmer or team that can hopefully work with me throughout the entire process.

We're going to start off with the core piece of coding needed for these apps and work from there if I like what I see with a particular programmer/firm. The app is basically a mobile touring app, with the keystone being graphical experiences triggered by entering GPS-coordinate defined zones and superimposed over the device's real time camera input.

Successful completion of this chunk of the app will all but guarantee an offer to complete the rest of the app with me, and the subsequent clones that will be coming soon thereafter. This needs to be able to run on both Android and iOS platforms

## Deliverables

This is what I would like to be built and running smoothly for payment and high consideration for further work:

- A 50-foot radius around a given GPS coordinate that allows activation of the AR experience once the user is inside. I would like the a google maps or Apple Maps inset on the screen that shows the user's location and the location of the activation zone to help guide the user into the right spot. I would also like some form of AR display showing the zone on the main screen, but only if the programmer could write it in to where it was clean and stable. The size of the radius needs to be able to be easily adjusted by me at all times, but we'll default to 50 feet for now.

- Once in the zone, you will point the device towards a predetermined (and, again, easily adjustable) compass direction and press a start button to activate. Lightly displayed on the screen will be the outline of a road, building, or other notable permanent landmark in the area to allow the user to easily calibrate their location with the upcoming AR experience.

- Once activated, the device will no longer rely on GPS data, instead it will create it's own internal grid to gauge distance around the user. Similar to a character in a first person shooter app, where you can rotate and look around you with the device and on the screen you are viewing an immersive 3d environment. The range of this grid should be able to encompass a 3 mile radius around the user. Sounds complex, but the usage of this technology will be very simple.

- I need to be able to create labeled rectangular prisms and set them in motion. Again, I require the utmost ease with creating and modifying these different images. I will need to be able to have up to 100 of these prisms active during the AR experience and easily configure their size (length, height and depth), distance, elevation, color (red or blue), direction and speed of movement.

- Each prism will have text associated with it and the code needs to be written in a way that the various texts never jumble on top of one another, making them unreadable. I also don't want them constantly jumping around the screen in a hectic fashion to avoid one another. This must be clean and stable. I will need to be able to adjust the content of the text, the size of the text and the boldness of the font. I would in general like the text to hover just over the prism, and if there is not enough space directly above due to space conflicts with other text nearby, I would like it to be connected to the prism with a line and displayed elsewhere on the screen.

- The prisms all need to be able to be put into motion, stopped, paused, started again, change directions and be added and removed, all during the AR experience

- I will need to be able to have pre-recorded audio playing during the experience and to have other images simply pop up for a few seconds at a time, taking up a little less than half of the screen.

- I would like a reset button that allows the user to pause the experience and recalibrate the location, in case of an error and the images are no longer lining up where they should.

- The AR experience will end after a predetermined length of time has passed, and all of the prisms have completed their movements, the audio is finished, etc.

Skills: Mobile Phone

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