Client for Capturing Voice Calls on the Android OS




VoiceGuard is a recording service from TextGuard that records inbound and outbound calls and makes them available online. Companies need an active account on TextGuard's website or host an on-premise instance of the application and have the VoiceGuard feature turned on.

VoiceGuard will record the calls by automatically creating a conference call to a recording server using native three-way calling features. The recording server will record, compress, and then upload the recording to TextGuard servers.

The current Android application records all call details, e.g. other number and duration, and uploads the details to the TextGuard servers. The server threads the call details and recording together and makes the recording playable.

This project is too develop functionality to create the automatic conference call to be added to the existing TextGuard Android application. The deliverables will be as follows;

? Java classes

? Changes to [url removed, login to view]

? Test Application that demonstrates its use

The new functionality needs to automatically create the conference call for both inbound and outbound calls. The phone owner should not be able to manually disable intercepting any phone calls.

The application must detect a new inbound call and automatically join the inbound call with the recording server phone number. The detection and successful connection to the recording server must complete within 4 seconds of the phone owner accepting the call.

The application must account for outbound calls in two ways; first, it should operate like an inbound call in that it automatically detects the call and creates the conference call. Second, it must provide an alternate dialing service that connects to the recording service first, then calls the outbound number.

The final java code must conform to the following standards;

Code format must follow standard java spacing and outlining (i.e. Ctrl+Shift+F in eclipse).

Variable naming must be conform to java standards, e.g. lowercase initial letter and capital subsequent words.

All public functions and public classes must have full javadoc comments

Skills: Mobile Phone

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