Make simple Android java sourcecode to read and show into Relativelayouts within adapters, possible to scroll Portrait and Ladscape succesfully



Make android java sourcecode to read and show this json Relativelayouts:

"kind": "Listing",

"data": {

"modhash": "",

"children": [


"kind": "t5",

"data": {

"banner_img": "[url removed, login to view]",

"user_sr_theme_enabled": true,

"submit_text_html": "<!-- SC_OFF --><div class=\"md\"><p><strong>AskReddit is all about DISCUSSION. Your post needs to ied posts are forbidden.</p>\n\n<ul>\n<li>If your question has a factual answer, try <a href=\"/r/answers\">/r/answers</a>.</li>\n<li>If you are trying to find out about something or get an explanation, try <a href=\"/r/explainlikeimfive\">/r/explainlikeimfive</a></li>\n<li>If your qust in <a href=\"/r/findareddit\">/r/findareddit</a>.</p>\n</div><!-- SC_ON -->",

"user_is_banned": null,

"wiki_enabled": true,

"show_media": false,

"id": "2qh1i",

"submit_text": "**AskReddit is all about DISCUSSION. Your post needs to inspire discussion, ask an open-ended question that prompts redditors to share ideas or opinions.**\n\n**Questions need to be neutral and the question alone.** Any opinion or answerxpl always ask where best to post in /r/findareddit.",

"display_name": "AskReddit",

"header_img": "[url removed, login to view]",

"description_html": "<!-- SC_OFF --><div class=\"md\"><h6><a href=\"[url removed, login to view]"#may4th\"></a></p>\n</div><!-- SC_ON -->",

"title": "Ask Reddit...",

"collapse_deleted_comments": true,

"over18": false,

"public_description_html": "<!-- SC_OFF --><div class=\"md\"><p><a href=\"/r/AskReddit\">/r/AskReddit</a> is the plaON -->",

"icon_size": [




"suggested_comment_sort": null,

"icon_img": "[url removed, login to view]",

"header_title": "Ass Creddit",

"description": "###### [ [ SERIOUS ] ]([url removed, login to view])\n\n\n##### [Rules]([url removed, login to view]):\n1. You must post a clear and direct question in the title. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences.\nNo t\n",

"user_is_muted": null,

"submit_link_label": null,

"accounts_active": null,

"public_traffic": true,

"header_size": [




"subscribers": 13471317,

"submit_text_label": "Ask A New Question",

"lang": "en",

"user_is_moderator": null,

"key_color": "#222222",

"name": "t5_2qh1i",

"created": 1201261935,

"url": "/r/AskReddit/",

"quarantine": false,

"hide_ads": false,

"created_utc": 1201233135,

"banner_size": [




"user_is_contributor": null,

"public_description": "/r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.",

"show_media_preview": true,

"comment_score_hide_mins": 60,

"subreddit_type": "public",

"submission_type": "self",


Skills: Android, Mobile Phone

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