Text to Speech Android App


Private individual seeking dev for a simple translating text to speech app for android where any text in any language can be selected and highlighted and sent to the app where it will be read aloud using systems built in TTS Engine. I will require one with adfree version and one where ads can be placed.

The app should allow text to be selected and highlighted in any app be it email, messages, browser etc. and then sent to the app which would then use Google Translate to translate the text in any given language (chosen in settings) and read it aloud using the systems TTS Engine. The operator should not be able to see the process and it should just be highlight send and next speak aloud...thats it.

The settings will have input and output language, but when it is reading aloud or in operation, all I want is a start or pause speech button in the center of the screen and the background text still to be shown slightly frosted. The back button will return to the browser, email or the main app being used before the translated speech.

Skills: Mobile Phone

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Project ID: #2674467