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i need an ipad app, which basically does the same as the default ipad photo app - with some extensions:

* there will be several albums available for download

* the main view needs to get the list of albums by calling an existing webservice - the service will return a list of albums with thumbnail, title, published date etc.

* when the user selects an album, the app should get all images for that album by calling a webservice again and then start to download all images

* the download should be progressive - the first image should be displayed as soon as available while the app continues downloading

* all downloaded albums should be saved on the ipad - the user should be able to delete downloaded albums in the main view if no longer needed

* the user should be able to swipe through the images with same gestures as in the default photo app - with possibility to zoom and change device orientation

* the app should respond to user gestures quickly so that the user doesn't have to wait for the next images to be displayed longer than in the default photo app

* each photo might have one or more hotspots (rectangles) delivered with the album data (xml or whatever you prefer). each hotspot needs to trigger one of these actions: go to specific image number in album, start a slideshow of additional images, play a video file, go to a youtube video (default youtube app), go to an external url (default browser), start an email (default mail client)

* final frontend design will be provided by me

* the app needs to be working and tested on ipad 1, 2 and 3 (normal and retina display)

* high quality of images and user experience is needed

* again: all server parts/webservices will be provided by me according to your requirements

i already have the code for a prototype app, which i can give to you to better show what is needed or to speed up development and to save some costs. the app basically works nicely, just the final design is not implemented yet, progressive loading is missing completely and the images take pretty long to load, even tough they are already downloaded.

if you need more information, please let me know.

thanks a lot. martin

Skills: Mobile App Development

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