Very Simple Clinic Management Software


I need a software (written in VB and Sql) to manage patients, medical visits, blood exams , to use alternatively in a desktop and in a laptop (with data sync functions. See further in this summary) , backup , filtering and exporting in excel.


In addition to the source code and every necessary files for the software installation and usage, coder must provide a comprehensive document in wich are explained in details all dynamics of the software (data flow, databases, relations, functions used with parameters, and so on... ). Reading the document I must be able to comprehend perfectly how the software works in every aspect and every conditions (even error trapping).

ALL code must be fully commented : every variable, every array, every functions or subroutine or other words EVERYTHING must be commented and explained in a comprensive and detailed way using english sentences.

When I Read the comments in the code I must be able to know the meaning of every functions including its input parameters and value released.

There will be three main data entry forms :

- patient registry (add / modify / delete / view / print ) (just 1 form )

- medical visit (several medical fields with text boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons, attach diagnostic images,some calculated field, etc) (just 1 form )

- blood exams (several chemical/medical fields with text boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons, etc) (just 1 form )

in each patient data sheet visits and blood exams should shown "recent first".

each patient could have many visits and many blood exams.

software should export data (all data OR filtered data) to excel.

software should be installed in TWO computers

- a desktop computer

- a laptop computer

IMPORTANT!!! : Using software in mobility with laptop:

When physicians need to work away , they will the anable the apposite function in the DESKTOP software in order to comunicate that they want to use it in the laptop. Doing so , laptop and desktop will be connected and all data will be updated FROM the desktop to the laptop and STARTING FROM THAT MOMENT the physicians will not be able to add/modify any data in the desktop since they come back and RESYNCHRONIZE data from the laptop. In the meanwhile , physician using the laptop could modify, delete, add data to the database....

When physicians come back , they will choose the appose function to TRASMIT DATA from laptop to the desktop and after data are transferred, desktop is again anabled to add/mofify while laptop CANNOT modify/add any data.

Comunication between desktop and laptop should work in every conditions : if both are connected in LAN in a workgroup and if the PCs are under a domain and also if they are connected directly with direct wifi.

Is is clear to you??? IF NOT....DO NOT BID!!!!!! Ask me for further explaination...

Exporting data :

A filtering form with most data fields used in "patient registry", "visits", "blood exams" will be available to filter records , show them in the screen , print or exporting to excel.

Backup data :

A backup function will allow the physician to backup ALL DATA (database and auxiliary files such us images) to external drive.

An automatic backup function will operate at the end of every work session performing a backup in the internal drive, into the backup folder. This

automatic backup will keep up to "n" previous backups (not only the latest one).

Installation :

Software should be provided with installation setup.

Source Code :

Coder must release also source code including every needed library and/or necessary files to workd on the the project and all documentation required.

Everything will be my own exclusive property.

Updates about work in progress :

Coder must provide updates about his works on daily basis sending also new compiled files to help him to test them.

Software Testing

Coder must obviously perform all the testing about the software in every conditions. I help him in this task.

Skills: .NET, MySQL, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Visual Basic

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