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We have 3 web-based applications written in the [url removed, login to view] (C#) language that currently use an Oracle database as the backend. We are looking to now support both Oracle and SQL Server (with the same codebase) and would like some assistance in re-coding the various SQL statements that are used within the application as well as some database functions/procedures.

Each application is comprised of several pages with the largest (by far) being approximately 20 pages. Most of the database queries are contained in class files located within each project. Each support class contains a mix of select, insert, update, and delete statements.

Typical code changes will involve changing Oracle-specific query modifiers to support both Oracle and SQL Server and verifying that the newly updated queries function properly when run against both database systems. We will provide access to both the original Oracle database as well as the new SQL Server database to assist with this testing.

Most statements are traditional SQL but there may be some views, procedures, and functions that will also need to be ported on the database side to complete this process.

Simple example of the type of conversion needed:

Oracle Statement:

insert into my\_table (entry\_name, entry\_date) values ('" + entry\_name + "',sysdate);

SQL Server equivalent:

insert into my\_table (entry\_name, entry\_date) values ('" + entry\_name + "',getDate());

A more universal approach may be to re-code the queries as parameter-driven prepared statements or by using a library such as :

[url removed, login to view]

Experience-level for this project will be as follows:

1. Familiarity with the C# programming language.

2. Experienced with Oracle SQL (preferred).

3. Experienced with SQL Server SQL (required).

4. Preferred experience with both Oracle PL-SQL and SQL Server T-SQL.

Depending on the outcome of this project, we may have other similar projects up for consideration.

## Deliverables

This project will involve modifications of the following Scarlet Computing Solutions, LLC (SCS) applications:

1. STARS Student Portal

[url removed, login to view]

2. STARS College/Admin Portal

[url removed, login to view]

3. STARS High School Counselor Portal

[url removed, login to view]

4. CoreLib Class Library

Shared code library used across applications that contains commonly used functions.

In most cases, queries are contained in class files specific to each project but in some cases, they may appear in the codebehind files of the pages.

The applications are written in [url removed, login to view] (C#) using the [url removed, login to view] 4.0 framework.

Functionality in these applications will not be changed. The only required changes to the source code are modifications to the SQL statements used. The changes involve updating the RDBMS support from Oracle to SQL Server. This will entail replacing some Oracle-specific query modifiers and functions used in the query statements with their SQL Server equivalents.

Part of this project will be testing that the updated queries are properly functioning when run against a SQL Server database. I do anticipate that not all queries will need changes (some will work fine as-is) but all will need to be tested against SQL Server to confirm that they work. This can be as simple as debugging the application and stepping through the query logic for each page.

Note that there are a few database functions/view/procedures used that will need to be created on the SQL Server as well. Therefore we are looking for something with experience in both Oracle and SQL procedure languages.

Database access for the applications is handled through the [url removed, login to view] DB providers so [url removed, login to view] connection/command logic should not need modification. The only statements that will need checking/changes will be the actual select, insert, update, and delete statements.

Skills: .NET, C# Programming, Database Administration, Microsoft, Oracle

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