dynamic handheld program that is controlled from server

We posted a job a while ago to have mobile devices for .net communicate with unmanaged code (Delphi) DLL

The UI on the Mobile device the screen layout and all the properties for the GUI controls is data driven and stored on the server in a advantage database (Sybase)

The event actions of the controls for the device is also stored in the database on the server

All the above could also be stored on the device as XML.

The screens controls are built at runtime on the device

Each UI control could be data-bind to data on the server. The way this is done is that for each control there is a property for a SQL statement that could run by calling a refresh to the control

in theory If we could build any visual components by itself and bind it to the data we should be able to build on the desktop any Advantage Database PPC program.

The solution we designed consist of 3 parts

[url removed, login to view] Designer to design the screens and setup the events and store it to the database. This program runs on windows desktop

2. A service (WFC) that runs on windows its main function is to communicate with the program that runs on the handheld devices and the Delphi DLL we would refer to this program as [url removed, login to view]

3. the program that runs on the handheld device its main function to build the controls and sending the XML code to the service on events etc

The HandHeldProgram Sends and receives XML data and instructions to the WAS service and the WAS service sends and receive XML from/to the [url removed, login to view]

(The Delphi dll we do our self and is not part of this job )

At some point the original developer was not able more to continue with this job because of health issues and a friend of his took it over but was not that capable.

A great part of this job is done and works ok but there are some parts that are not yet tested and may still have some bugs or not completed yet.

We would need someone to finish this job and add some features if you think this is for you I would send you some more info

We Would need a small working demo in order to get the job. Any enhancement to the job (no need to send code) in order to see you understand it

This phase would include

A. To make sure all style properties for each control is in the database and could be used in the designer and on PPC (maybe it is ok but needs to be checked) make it use the VS property editor

B. As of now when you use the designer for each control only a button is placed on the designer as a place holder for the control and not the actual control . So if you place a label and a edit box one next to the other in the desiner in real time the spacing would be way off so it is very hard to design now. we would need it to be WYSIWYG designer of the forms which includes: creation of forms, menus, labels, textboxes, comboboxes, checkboxes, styles for each one (background colors, foreground colors, font size, color, type, position,

C. Tab Control is not working properly. It raises some errors.

D. The XML as of now could only change the value of a control and set if it is visible but cant change any other property of a control we would like to add that we should be able to change other properties as well

[url removed, login to view] of now all the form settings are in a advantage database you may decide to bring it over to XML for ease of working with it

F. setting what control should have focus when the form opens

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