.NET developer with experience of Monotouch required to join team currently building demo app


What we want to build:

Hi, we are looking for a .NET developer with experience of Monotouch to join our team building an iPhone mobile application. The functionality is quite similar to the mobile and web capabilities from Wrapp.



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Ben Levy: Technical Architect / Lead Dev / Scrum Master

Other members of the existing team include:

- a UX architect

- a visual designer

- two developers



Design work:

• Wireframes

• Wireframe click through prototype

• Visual designs

• High fidelity visual design IPhone Dumb prototype (Cocoa Touch)

We have started building our application. The app stack contains:

• IPhone Application (MonoTouch)

• Shared mobile libraries (Mono)

• Web Scaffolding (MVC3)

• Services (C#4)

• Repositories (EF4)

• API (WCF Rest)

We have a roadmap for developing this application through to minimum viable product (MVP) launch.

We have our own CI server (FinalBuilder), Task management app (JIRA-GreemHopper), Version Control repository (GIT), Functional testing suite, and conferencing app (Webex)



We are looking for a .NET developer with monotouch experience to join our team help develop the product within our SCRUM environment.

At first, we would like the candidate to join our team full time for a two week trial. If we are satisfied with the trial outcome, then we will transition to a rolling contract. The minimum contract length is 3 months, but in all likelihood it will be extended for longer.




The team consists of : Ben, the developers, the UX architect

Each sprint is two working weeks.

Every weekday morning , the team have a daily stand up over webex; we go the through the JIRA-GreenHopper taskboard for each team member, including previous day progress, impediments, and progress planned for the current day. This meeting will take place from 07:30 to 07:45 London, UK time.

Every other Wednesday evening we have an extended sprint review and sprint planning meeting in addition to the daily scrum meeting. At the bi-weekly sprint planning meeting the whole development team to spends between one to two hours together preparing stories for the forthcoming sprint.

For the sprint review, we will assess the burndown against the estimated velocity. We then identify the health of the past sprint, and in case of discrepancies with the planning, assess what went wrong and what remedial steps will be taken in the next sprint to avoid problem reoccurrence. We will also review the quality of the deliverables deployed, and feedback defects to be fixed in the forthcoming week’s sprint.

For the sprint planning, the scrum master iterates through the backlog stories, and the team scores them. Then the team tasks each story out, as well as estimates the hours required for each story. The scoring requires majority. In case of draw, rescore. In case of sizeable discrepancy between scores, explain, and rescore.


a. Developer takes the next relevant (type) TODO task from the top of the JIRA task board list, and set it in progress.

b. Developer writes complete tests suite for the task functionality

c. Developer implement functionality from tests

d. Developer add GhostDoc Documentation to all classes, methods, and fields

e. When completed (tests pass), check in GIF

f. Check commit result from finalbuilder

g. If fail, raise defect in jira, and fix

h. If pass, set task as complete. Back to a)


a. QA write tests for stories from the JIRA Task board from the TOP

b. When story dropped on Completed by DEV, QA Test story

c. If failed, raise defect

Skills: .NET, iPhone, Mobile Phone, MVC

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