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Pasted requirements for our records:

• In the last version, there was a button added that didn’t really do anything:

When this button is clicked, the view of the gallery should change. This should work in both the “program view”, “channel view” (when the gallery has been switched to display the channels) and “category view” (this will be discussed in a minute). Meaning, the same data that is currently displayed on the carousal should be displayed, but with a different view.

This view should display the same information however in a different view. Let’s by default set the initial pagination to 10 items. I have created the following mockup to follow:

The other controls you are already familiar with. All of them should work in the same fashion as they do in the current application (filter, date search etc.). If the click comments just do a empty server side method.

There are a few additional properties, customattributes and tags. Lets just make a customattribute object and Tag object, and have there be collections of each as a property of the VideoItem object. The customattribute object can have the following properties can just have a name/value property. The tag can just have name. On click of each of them in the above mockup (the blue AttributeValue text in the above, and the grey line of tags) just show the videos that have those properties specified (i.e. if they click “Tagfoo”, show Videos with the Tag property containing “Tagfoo”

There is also a new property of a VideoItem, let's call it broadcast status. Broadcast status can have values broadcasting, concluded, not scheduled, and scheduled. There are some icons that should toggle based on the value (see upper right hand blue icon) based on the values, the relevant icons start with the status_ (i.e. status_broadcasting). Need to use some different icons for comments, view, and likes in this listing view you have those in your email.

• When the “Browse” button is clicked on the top, have a dropdown appear that shows “By Channel” and “By Category”.

• If the user selects “By Channel”, display the channel gallery as it currently does. Meaning, all the channels, and when a channel is clicked, it displays the videos in that channel.

• The following properties should be added to the ChannelItem object:

o Likes (integer)

o Views (integer)

o Category ID (string)

• When in channel view, need the filter box to work so that channels can be searched. Right now it doesn’t.

• The date filters can be removed when in channel view. Instead add a dropdown box that specifies a new object, CategoryItem.

• CategoryItem should have the following properties.

o ID

o Name

o Thumblink

• The sort box when in channel view should just include title, likes, and views.

• If a user selects the “By Category” option show the categories in the same gallery view as channels and programs, using the name and thumblink properties to populate the gallery. If a user selects a category, display the channels that have that category id.

• In the existing popup, there is a Share button. When the Share button is clicked, one link should appear in a menu. This item should say “email to a friend”. If clicked, bring up the default email client and prepopulate the subject with “information for you” and the body with a link to the VideoUrl. This should happen in the gallery popup, as well as in the iframe section I will be talking about next which also has a share button.

• Next, I need a static aspx page that has one user control in it. The user control will be used to display an iframe, and the iframe URL should a property of the user control. Similar to the popup we had before, I need to capture the like/unlike, heart changing, etc. click event on the server side. The


truncated by freelancer. I will post the word doc after we start the project..

Skills: .NET

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