Objective-C API & Unity iOS Plugin



• Company requires Contractor to implement:

-a) a stable, build-ready iOS Xcode project with Objective-C source that provides a music player widgets to existing mobile apps

-This target of this project should be a simple static library

-Must provide two widgets:

-1) Widget that displays collection of music genres (e.g. "Pop","Hip Hop","Electronic") in the provided widget

-List of genres is provided via HTTP request (JSON-encoded response)

-User can tap on which genre they want to hear in the app; after tapping user, a song is chosen (from the genre) and Widget #2 is displayed

-2) Widget that displays name of current song playing along with song info, scrolling along a marquee

-Scrolls text information retrieve from JSON-encoded HTTP response

-b) a plugin for Unity 3.5 iOS Pro that exposes the Objective-C API from a) to Unity iOS projects via a simple-to-use C# wrapper

• Company provides Contract with art assets for music player widget in PSD

-Contract integrates assets efficiently into an iOS/Xcode project

-See attached images

Code Guidelines:

• All code (Objective-C and C#) must be clearly commented in English

• Unity C# wrapper plugin should only expose the minimum necessary functions to make use of underlying native Objective-C API

• Any server-side code should be in PHP, HTML, or JavaScript

Feature Requirements:

• Tap Genre from Selection Widget (Widget #1)

-Genres displayed in widget

-Song (that is genre) starts playing after user selects genre

-Make use of sample HTTP request (e.g. http://testserver/api?cmd=getSongByGenre&genreId=123)

-Returns song data

-Text should be implemented so that it can be changed in code (not baked into images)

• Music Player Widget (Widget #2)

-Shows name of currently playing song (song chosen from http://testserver/api?cmd=getSongByGenre&genreId=123)

-Displays a simple dialog box when song ends ("Rate Song: Thumbs up or Thumbs down")

Tech Requirements:

• Core widget display code should be written in Objective-C

• Widgets should be displayed via efficient, native code on iOS

-Should not impact frame rate of underlying game

• Unity Plugin

-C# wrapper, calling to Objective-C API entry point

-Should detect when in Editor/on Device and behave accordingly

• Data Model

-API should make an HTTP request which provides a JSON-encoded response which details:

-Song Name

-Song Genre

-Song Length (in float seconds)

-API should request binary data for .mp3

-if necessary, include a field like "file pathname" in the HTTP request mentioned above

• UI Display model

-Objective-C UI code should make use of the data from the provided Photoshop files (.psd)

-Widget should provide a scrolling text box (similar to iTunes) for the text shown in the widget for the Widget #2

-Make sure there is a function callback for whatever selection the user selects in "Thumbs up/down" for Rate Song

Skills: Objective C, Unity 3D

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Project ID: #4354320