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256692 PHP/MYSQL Fixes

I seem to having a few problems with my programmers not only finishing small projects on time, but also.. not finishing them period!

I have several of these projects that are somewhat complete and in need of finishing. I also have several NEW projects that I need to start but cannot until these are finished.

You are ONLY bidding on the "ACTUAL PROJECT" which are numerous small PHP/MYSQL fixes for a hockey website.(below these three other unfinished examples)

These three examples are for FUTURE REFERENCE ONLY, please contact me if you can do these as well and I will create a SEPARATE project for you.

Yahoo Search Assistant Clone:


Half finished, needs more ajax calls from database and ratio/weight system integrated into the call sort.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Hockey Stats Gathering Script


Most of the tables have already been done, but I still need the "data miner" to extract information from other websites and implement these into the tables.

[url removed, login to view]

Search MYSQL & Bookmark Script


Programmer will most likely finish this one, but seems to be having a little trouble so, a little help may be required.

Bookmark script still needs "Site Exit" integration and the From still requires AJAX form population (one entry in ANY field populates only matching selections in 8 other forms).

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]



The write up for these two projects are rather long, but the fixes themselves are NOT.

This is just basic editing of existing PHP scripts and MYSQL data calls to display what I want to display and also some HTACCESS mod_rewrite additions. Shouldn't take more than 2 hours and could be less depending on your skill in PHP and MYSQL.

It will probably take you longer to read the fixes than to actually implement them :-)

[url removed, login to view]



1. The Calendar must show a different color for home games and away games. (White for Home, Navy Blue for away)

2. I do like the idea of highlighting the "current" day, but it is a problem when the current day is a "game day" as you won't be able to tell the by the color if it's a Home or Away Game.

Can we make this flash a couple times and/or on Mouseover revert back to the home or away color?

3. I will need to differentiate between "Pre-Season" "Regular Season" and "Post-Season" game days most likely by the calendar day color on non-game days and also by adding a Pre-Season Started/Starts Today/Tomorrow result on a particular day and Pre-Season Ended Today/Yesterday as well.

Will need to do the same for Regular Season (most likely keep white) and Post-Season (Playoffs)

($SEASON_TYPE) is the matching table for game days



4. Since this calendar will go forward and back in time, I need to be able to remove the months that don't have any games, such as June, July, August and then depending on the year, I also need to remove other months such as April, May and September.

The desired months can easily be found in the database for any particular year ($MONTH), so if there are no entries, then it just moves on to next valid month (one with entries).



[url removed, login to view] FINAL game scores must be included in the calendar for games already played $PLAYED=YES and be arranged by home and away



6. If the game has not been played $PLAYED<>YES then the Local Time and TV Station must be displayed.





7. Some games have "Overtime Results and Shootout Results" I want these to show ONLY if they have results. Otherwise, show only periods 1,2,3 & Final Score.

If EXTRA = OT then show "Period/SHOTS OT"

If EXTRA = SO then show "Period/SHOTS OT, SO"

Not that these are valid now, but they will be in the future.

If EXTRA = PL2 then show "Period/SHOTS OT, OT2"

If EXTRA = PL3 then show "Period/SHOTS OT, OT2, OT3"

If EXTRA = PL4 then show "Period/SHOTS OT, OT2, OT3, OT4"

If EXTRA = PL5 then show "Period/SHOTS OT, OT2, OT3, OT4, OT5"

8. I always don't want "0" values in the table for Periods and Shots that actually didn't have any results, but when I enter the info as "", MYSQL still places a zero value in the database which I do not wish to have.

If this does not cause any problems during display (so we don't see these values) then I don't mind, but otherwise, yes, this is a problem.

9. For games not played, the away format is good. Maple Leafs vs... but the HOME should be changed to "opponent at Maple Leafs" and the $TV_IMAGE should be displayed beside the time (remove Away game / Home Game)


Maple Leafs at $OPPONENT_SHORT



$OPPONENT_SHORT vs Maple Leafs


10. For games already played, I would it to be the same as on [url removed, login to view] (Last game) #$ included only if it happened (i.e. $EXTRA = (OT) or EXTRA = (SO) and in playoffs.. EXTRA = OT2, OT3, etc.)






Since this will be both on the homepage and also used for previous years. I will need to know how I can adjust the size to monthly full page and also split to split the year onto one page (several months showing.. navigation changing years, not months)



Again, I need mod-rewrites on this one as I will be placing the archive data into this calendar.

[url removed, login to view]$SEASON

and for archive data

[url removed, login to view]$SEASON (full page, multiple months, yearly)

[url removed, login to view]$SEASON/ (large page monthly)

[url removed, login to view]

Table gallery_images



1. There is no Page Title or META INFO, although the HTML has PHP Includes and the database contains the corresponding Table Columns, no info is displayed.

<html><head><title><?php echo $dd->PAGE_TITLE; ?></title>

<META NAME="Title" content="<?php echo $dd->META_TITLE; ?>">

<META NAME="Abstract" content="<?php echo $dd->META_TITLE; ?>">

<META NAME="Description" content="<?php echo $dd->META_DESC; ?>">

<META NAME="Keywords" content="<?php echo $dd->META_KEY; ?>">



2. I have placed the category INDEX pages META and TITLE info (All / Search, Animation, Celebrity Leafs, Church Signs, Cujo Cracks, Hockey Humour, Jersey Jokes, Senator Snickers) into the database, but don't know where to place this in the code so it displays in the generated HTML.

Table gallery_index


3. There is no Table Title displayed on the page, although this too is in the HTML and MYSQL.

<td width="*" background="images/pages/[url removed, login to view]" class="hd1"><img src="images/[url removed, login to view]" height="1" width="*"><?php echo $dd->TITLE; ?></td>

4. I can't access the shadow images to copy them to my server.

background: url([url removed, login to view]) no-repeat bottom right !important;

background: url([url removed, login to view]) no-repeat bottom right;

5. Although the thumbnail resizer is cool, it's a waste of the visitors time and my server load. I already have thumbnails of these images and I've added the paths to the database (table column) THUMBNAILS.

I prefer to display these are they are very small and are displayed very fast.



6. The picture title is displayed in the table and not in the Table HEADER.

<td width="*" background="images/pages/[url removed, login to view]" class="hd1"><img src="images/[url removed, login to view]" height="1" width="*"><?php echo $dd->TITLE; ?></td>

7. The Image Naviagation Links are missing. There is a "Go Back" link which goes to the thumbnail view, but there is forward or backwards options so one can view the pics in order rather than having to reload the thumbnail page each time they want to see a new picture.



8. There are no MOD_REWRITES. I need actual pages links for each of the indexes and for each picture.

[url removed, login to view]$CATEGORY/

[url removed, login to view]$CATEGORY/$PICTURE

Let me know if I need to create a new $CATEGORY_LOWERCASE if you can simply change the mod_rewrite to all lowercase.

9. Would prefer to change the "URL" table column to "IMAGE" and TITLE to TABLE_TITLE.. just don't know where to make all the changes in the PHP before I change the column headers in database.

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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