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Shopping Cart System Mod/Add-On **Image Upload Preview**

We are a printing company that specializes in online ordering. We currently have a customized version of Squirrelcart - an out of the box shopping cart system written in PHP ([url removed, login to view]) implemented and it works well. We had an image upload system added by the authors, and it has served us well. We need some additional things added to this, and the authors are unwilling to do the custom work because of the lack of time on their part.

Anyways. What we need is to add on to the already existing shopping cart / upload system and create an image preview along with it. We also want to add functionaltiy of Picnik to the shopping cart. If you are unfamiliar with Picnik, go check it out before reading anymore. ([url removed, login to view]).

How our system currently works:

Basically it's the standard Squirrelcart system with some modifications. A customer will arrive at our website, click on the item page. There they type in the quantity of the posters that they want, browse for the file to upload, and click "Add to Cart". The system then writes the file to a temporary folder. The shopping cart proceeds to checkout. Once payment has been made and the order has been placed, the file in the temporary folder is moved to another directory and the name is altered to include the order number. This way we can keep track of files and orders.

What we want to add:

This system is great, but our customers want to see what they have uploaded. We need the system to actually have a preview of the file that has been uploaded. Another piece of functionality is we need the system to calculate the resolution of the image, then post a warning to tell if the image is large enough for our printing needs. For instance, an image of resultion of 300px x 500px will not print correctly. We need a minimum of 3000px x 5000px. All I want it to do is look at the resolution and if it is below a certain amount, it will notify the user that it is low and will not print properly.

See: [url removed, login to view]

We love the functionality of this website for the above described. We want these sort of things implemented into our own shopping cart.

Some of the other functions such as "Solarize", "Crop", "B&W", etc. are not necessary, but would be neat. This would mean actually editing the image. Im sure [url removed, login to view] uses something like ImageMagick for those functions.

What would be really great:

If we could implement Picnik into our ordering system. All of the functions are there that we want, you just have to integrate the two. I'm not sure how exactly you would integrate them, because it looks like you have to upload the photo to them.

Here's my idea for the workflow with Picnik integrated:

A customer arrives at our website. They select the size poster that they want to order. They are now at the item details page. They hae the option to:

1. Upload photo

2. Get photo from their Flickr account, ImageBucket account, etc. (it's a function of Picnik)

3. Mail files to us

If they select "Mail Files" then the order would proceed as normal. If they have selected one of the other two, then the image would be upload or retrieved from the photo sharing account. Editing would be done, and the image would be saved. This is where I'm not sure how it would proceed. I'm thinking that we could probably configure it so that the PicNik API would then upload it to our local server. But remember, we still need an image preview before the order is completed. The images also have to be renamed to the order number, which isn't created until the order is placed.

You'll just need to go and checkout Picnik before to see if this is at all possible.

***** Necessary Details ******

1. Any bids with an automated response will be ignored.

2. I'll be more than happy to provide further details if needed.

3. You're the expert - please tell me if there is a better way or method

4. Please research Squirrelcart and Picnik before bidding on this project, as I'm only familiar with them superficially. You are the programmer and it is YOUR resposibility to research this to find out if it will actually work the way that we need it to.

5. Please, please, no novice programmers!

6. You'll need to be able to speak fluent english

7. This project will be scoured for problems and bugs and must work completely 100% perfect for payment to be made.

Thank you and I look forward to talking with you

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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