Build application to buy/sell cards and finish website

I am looking for an application that has all the features of the enclosed application and some extra features that will be described in the attachment. I also need a website built to handle user accounts and administration for this application. Lastly I already have a website and two applications that I sell. I will want the new website to fully replace the old site.

Source code will need to be fully obfuscated and some of the essential functions of the application will need to take place on the webserver. Please see the attached application and document for a full explanation of requirements.

## Deliverables

The application can be found @ [[url removed, login to view]][1] and will need to interact with Magic The Gathering online just like the application found at the website. I am including the application along with this document to bidders. We require all of the same features the enclosed application has. We want to copy the business model and improve on it. Source code needs to be very well documented. Speed is essential. We want the bot to work fast but also be secure.

Code will need to be obfuscated, and require communication with the website to work properly.

Bot should be able to start buying either by tying buy or by taking an event ticket

We want a lot of the major functions to be done online, and we want the bot to depend on our web server to function properly so no one can steal the bot.

We also want to add the ability for users to control their bots online, including credit, bot credits, and bot combined stock levels messages and everything else that is currently done with the GUI.

The bot will need to connect to the website at the start and end of each trade to update the information, and also every few minutes to verify it’s connected

Users will need to be in control of all their registered bot accounts from one master control panel that they can access. Users will set all settings on their web based access panel (HTTPS)

We will want a way to control those registered accounts via an admin application.

The developers will be responsible for making the bot itself and the web application that will allow us to control user accounts, rental costs, demos, ticket costs, and bot credit costs

Code will need to be obfuscated and well documented

2 months of support for the app and all the features

Bot should post in the classifieds with new msg when it’s open and closed (customizable)

It should also be able to display random cards you have for sale and their prices.

It should post only the kind of cards you want (i.e. Mythic Rare) and should rotate at a speed you set

Bot should have a feature that will allow people to send it a PM with a card name and bot will respond with if it’s in stock and the price its selling for (this will need to read all users accounts)

Bots web application should have an area for us to upload a new pricelist for the user to download

Bot will need to connect to our website and download the new pricelist and will add a fee to the users account when they download the new pricelist

Bot will need to keep track of each trade and print them in a log that is displayed on the website so the user can keep track of trades

Bot will need to keep track of each user’s rental costs

Admin app will need to be able to change and display rental costs for users must be sort able and easy to use. App must be able to control all aspects of user’s accounts.

Bot will need the ability to automatically update itself when a new bot is released

Bot should have all of Mtgolibrary bots features except it should buy using a wishlist to increase speed.

Bots GUI should only need username and password all other features set via our website

Users will need to be able to set all of their bots from the website, and users should be able to run the same settings on any number of accounts they own. Users should have the ability to save profiles online and just apply that profile to work with any number of bots they own

Bots will need to be able to recover from any number of errors and conditions Magic will throw at it in day to day operations

Bots will need to export the credit list from [url removed, login to view] if users want to switch over from them to us.

Website will need to allow users to purchase our bot and other two applications. It will need to be integrated to work with all of our applications.

Users on the website should be allowed to purchase Event tickets and Bot credits, along with paying their rental fees and buying more time to use their bots.

We will need to be able to collect rental fees from the users by opening a trade and taking the correct amount of event tickets. This should be logged so the user knows when he pays his rental costs

We want the ability to sell bot credits to people via the website. Bot credits are not able to take event tickets, only cards. This will only work for some bot owner’s accounts. By default this will be turned off.

If people buy event tickets via the website upon purchase they will get an email. In the email are the accounts names that they can go to collect their tickets. This is also tied in with the bot rentals. We will use PayPal’s IPN to make this feature automated.

Control all aspects of the bot via website including personal prices, credit, stock levels and everything else normally controlled in the GUI

Allow a user to private message the bot with the name of a card and the bot will check stock on all bots the user owns and tell them how much the card is and what bot has the card or if the bot is buying the card and if so how much its buying it for)

In classified messages it should display Open when the bot can receive a trade and Busy when in a trade

Allow users to trade (sell cards to us and at the same time get cards from us)

Rotation of classified messages.

Post messages in any trade channels

-Remember credit balances- linked through all bots in the network. (IE all bots that a user owns shares credits if the user chooses)

-Have a welcome message the first time someone opens the trade. A welcome back message for all additional visits (customizable)

-Must be able to quote prices when people take each card, and do the equation of what their future balance, and the total of all cards selected would be if they were to do the trade.

-Must be capable of buying and selling, as well as just buying or just selling.

-Have a price ceiling for buying and price floor for selling all cards.

-One GLOBAL CSV- cards are bought via a wishlist with this global CSV. For example: You have 2 bots that just sell and one bot that just buys cards. You want to have 4x of each card on each of your bots that are selling cards. Selling bot #1 has 3x vindicate and selling bot #2 has 2x Vindicate. The bot that is buying cards will know that it needs to buy up to 3x Vindicate, not 4x or more, for the two buying bots to satisfy their need of 4x of each card. Let’s say the 3x Vindicates are purchased for a total of 8x (four for each selling bot). Later in the day, selling bot #1 sells 2x Vindicate. The buying bot should automatically see this and know that it needs to buy 2x more Vindicate, when before it was buying none because it had the requirement.

-Buying bots should automatically have a function to be able to trade with selling bots if neither one has entered a trade for X time. Going back to the Vindicate example Selling bot #1 has 3x Vindicate and selling bot #2 has 2x Vindicate. The buying bot Just bought 3x Vindicate. After X time goes by without either bot going into a trade, the buying bot makes the vindicates tradable and enters the trade with the selling bot (both bots confirm they are in the trade with the correct person) and the selling bot takes the 1x Vindicate it needs in order to have 4x (as well as any other cards the buying bot has bought that it needs.). Then if the selling bot should have X tickets (an amount I can set) it takes them from the buying bot during this transaction. The necessary amount of trades then follow (because only 32 cards can be traded each time) for the buying and selling bot to have their numbers satisfied. This process should work with 2 bots one buyer and one seller, and 100 bots with any mixture of buyers and sellers. The bots should be able to recognize that the buying bot has cards that the selling bot needs, perform the trade, and then go back to buying/selling.

-When a customer either enters the trade with a bot that just buys or types 'buy' into the chat window of a bot that buys and sells when prompted to do so it should load its wishlist of cards it wants to buy and then picks the cards in the order it is set to pick cards in. If it selects 10 cards it should quote the individual price for each card and then have them numbered 1-10. It should then let the customer type a number of a card they don’t want to sell into the chat window, the bot should recognize that number and remove the card that corresponds to that number, have the total price recalculated and the remaining cards re-numbered and the customer again is presented with the option to remove cards 1-9. If they are satisfied with the cards they have taken there should be something that prompts them to type 'done' and then to confirm the trade. The credits from the trade need to be saved and remembered, again, among all the bots in the network. (Have the buying priority selectable not just by price but by rarity and stock levels also. IE buy the cards I have the least of first, most expensive first ECT)

-All of the bots should access the same price list, when the user wants to update the prices he clicks a button on the website and it will ask him which bots to apply the prices too, the user will then have the option to check which bots use the new prices.

-The bot needs to be able to restart magic online every X hours as an option in the options menu.

-When the bot logs in it should export its current CSV to the website

-If someone sends a private message, the bot should send an appropriate response, of my choosing (again an option in the options menu)

-The bot should have a time limit for each trade (an option set by the user in the options menu)

-If the bot is buying cards and sees nothing that it needs it should send a response of the users choosing (options menu).

If a user wants to use his own prices he should have the ability to do so by having the ability to download his current pricelist editing it then uploading it to the website and applying it.

Skills: ASP, C Programming, PHP

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