Simple PHP Functions + plugin



I require the following functions to be created in PHP--

(1) Please refer [url removed, login to view] - I want you to create some simple PHP functions that send POST requests to the CloudFlare API to perform all the operations listed at the URL above.

There is an existing code sample attached with this request- it contains code to get you started quickly with these functions.

(2) Simple plugin for Blesta->so that user can sign up for a website- he can order a domain name and website, or website only. This is what I want your php code to do--

(a) Use existing [url removed, login to view] module for blesta to allow user to register a new domain name.

(b) Use existing php code to connect to rackspace cloudfiles api and set up main domain of website with rackspace cloudfiles CDN.

(c) Finally, use the functions created for step 1 above to also set up the same site at CloudFlare CDN.

(3) Simple plugin for blesta-- this plugin is used after a user has already created a site. This plugin is used to change the domain -> rackspace->cloudflare (eg from "[url removed, login to view]" to "[url removed, login to view]"). Similarly, this plugin is also used to set up new subdomains -> rackspace cloudfiles-> cloudflare cdn.

(4) Simple plugin for Blesta- that connects to [url removed, login to view] and registers a domain with ".tk" extension as desired by end user. You can connect to [url removed, login to view] api for this purpose. Same module should also allow user to perform operations like change of WHOIS information ,etc -- i.e. all operations possible with [url removed, login to view] api should be performed by your plugin.

This is very easy php work and should not take much time. Note- A major new version of Blesta is being released next month-- so I want you to create the functions in php separately-- and after that,

Do let me know if you have any queries.



Skills: Amazon Web Services, PHP

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