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2 Parts to this project:

Part 1: I am looking for someone to create an exact clone of PRLog - every detail and every service, along with a robust back-end admin page that will be described in detail.

Part 2: I would like you to add all of the pay services of PRWeb and make style modifications so that site is elegant and unique.

The first step of this project is to make an exact clone. Once clone is exact and approved, I will have you make custom STYLE modifications so that the site is unique. The reason that I want an EXACT clone initially, is so that there is no confusion about what I want. Make it exact. Then we will modify it. EXACT.

IMPORTANT: THIS PROJECT MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 2 - 3 WEEKS. No exceptions. I need your full-time on this until it is completed. There is a lot of stuff here. I need all of it.

Ultimately, for part 2, I want the site to have a free service and a pay service. The free service will be exactly like PRLog and submit to just a few of the selected news services that I choose. The pay service will include everything from part 1, plus the features from PRWeb as seen here:

[url removed, login to view]

You will make it so that the service is integrated with a credit card billing service (like PayPal or other service that we agree to from the start), so that I can receive payment for this service. You will integrate it and make it turnkey from day 1.

There will be a backend admin section that is very robust. It will be very user friendly and allow admin to easily modify and delete PR's, ban PR writer (by IP address), edit/delete writer's content, view page views for each PR, top 100 page views on the site, total PR's, Total registered PR registered members. Be able view all members, search by name. Be able to send mail to all members, individual member. You will set it so that a writer can only subbit one free P.R. per month per member, AND per IP address.

Must be able to see how many total PR's there are, new submissions written per day, per week, month, year, search PR's, delete PR's, .

Be able to see how many paid units per day, week, month, year. Total revenue per day, week, month, year.

The website will submit press releases by email (I have email list of news sources) and also by form field submit on certain news sites.

Admin page will allow me to add/delete/modify the email addresses of all our news sources.

I should be able to upload xls file with lists of email addresses. I should be able to create many mail lists as well for all of the industries and for 100's of regional targets.

The user will be able to select drop down for the regional targets, based on the selection of regional locations that we have.

And be able to select from industry targets just like on PRWeb.

My email list will be in an .xls. It has a few important columns (email address, industry, location).

The Opt Out's should be opted out of all of the lists. I should be able to see a list of the opt outs.

You will make it so that the emails and submissions are sent according to the date specified. Bottom of emails will have an easy, one click opt out.

I want to make it so that the PR writer can select up to 11 of industry targets and 6 regional targets where the PR will be distributed to. One email will be sent per day to all the selected media sources, with all of the others PR's for 24 hour period. This way, media sources are not receiving 100 emails per day from us. The email subject header, sender email address, reply address, and intro will be modifiable from admin. The email distribution time will be modifiable from admin. The email will essentially have a list of the PR Titles on the top of the email, with the full PR's following in the email. You can click on the title to go to website's PR. Bottom of emails will have an easy, one click opt out.

Must also be able to 'Share/Social Bookmark' PR's with the same 30 websites as on PRLog.

Must also submit the paid and free service PR's to the following search engines:

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, AOL, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Netscape, Netscape, Accoona

Also, must make sure that every press release web page has unique meta title, meta keyword, meta description, that is automatically generated based on title, description...etc). Each page must be maximized for search engine indexing.

So basically, I want you to make me an exact copy of PRLog with every service and every feature, and then I want you to add the pay features of PRWeb. So free service and Pay services. I want all of the services of both of these websites.

Initially, I will not be an approved content submitter to Google news and Yahoo news. Once, I am approved, you will make it so that the paid releases are submitted to these services.

You will need to make this website fully automated - so that it does all of the tasks automatically without my involvement. You will make this site turnkey - so that it start business on Day 1.

You will make the website as elegant as both of these competitors and include a simple and nice logo and appropriate graphics.

Also, you will need to show me your updated work every few days. I will need you to commit to this job full-time until the job is done.

I will put full bid amount in escrow.

I will pay by escrow after completion, upload and debug. Your bid will be paid after project is complete. I need every part of the above. No exceptions. Partial work will not be paid for. I need you to be prepared to add every feature that you see on PRLog and PRWeb.

Escrow will be released to you when full website is complete, debugged, and uploaded to my server to my satisfaction.

I must emphasize, all software must be self contained. No outside services should be needed. You will put all software on my server(s). You will need to install/configure anything/everything that is necessary to make script work.

Code must be modular and elegantly organized, and easy for a novice like myself to sort through.

You will stay within your time schedule. No exceptions. If you are beyond your deadline date, I reserve the right to void and null the relationship and get escrow funds back.

All rights to software belong exclusively to me. You will not be able to share any part of any of this project with anyone else. I want 100% source code. No encrypted files.

I will consider significant bonus for timely elegant completed work.

....Important: please tell me what kind of experience you have relating to press release and search engines.

Skills: Anything Goes, PHP

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