ITunes folder organizer application

I need an application that helps users create Smart Playlists in ITunes with a single click. The criteria and names of the Smart Playlist should be driven by the preferences of the user in our MySql database.

I am distributing a large number of short podcasts and I need an application that will create Smart Playlists in iTunes which will sort the podcasts they receive in a way that makes some sense..

When subscribers sign up at our website they indicate their areas of interest. Let's say Baseball, Basketball, Football, Cricket, and other categories eg Drugs, Money, ManUtd, England. The user selects "categories" that match how we tag our audio files (MP3).

The files are delivered to the user via an rss feed which is dynamically generated to download only the stories they have selected to receive on the website. The user gets an email each morning, clicks on the link for their personal feed and iTunes opens and downloads their files ready to play in iTunes.

The problem I need to solve is that as it stands the files arrive in a single feed. A user would have to create Smart Playlists of their own to organize them and most of them just won't. I want users to be able to easily create Smart Playlists in ITunes that recognize our id3 tags and put everything into the right folder by using the information they submitted to us in the first place, now held in our database.

This can all be done manually by the user now. Creating a Smart Playlist and setting its criteria is pretty straightforward. But I want my users to be able to very easily set up the Smart PLaylists with the right names and exactly the right criteria as soon as they sign up and then be able to forget about it. I want a nice helper App to do it for them and therefore ensure that they use the right folder names and criteria.

It needs to work on any consumer OS, obviously.

I would like it to be able to query our MySql database and use the preferences of the user that they outlined when they signed up as the default for creating folders. So if they sign up for Everton, Tampa Bay, Baseball, Cricket, Barcelona, Ronaldino, I want the app to be able to get hold of that info and offer the user the right folders straight away without them doing anything.

That's basically it.

Skills: PHP

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