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This programming assignment is an application of public inheritance in C++. Create a workspace folder called 'ThisDay.' Include a C++ source code file called 'ThisDay.cpp.' Define the class Date to create calendar date objects. The class must be the following. class Date { int day, month, year; // to store the three components of a date public: Date( ) // initializes data members using the computer clock's date Date(int, int, int); // initializes data members to the parameter values void print( ostream &); // inserts mm/dd/yyyy on the ostream object protected: int getDate():// returns day int getmonth( ); // returns month int getyear( ); // returns year }; Add definitions for the member functions in the above class definition. Declare a derived class of the class Date called LongDate using public inheritance. The derived class must have only two constructors and a void member function 'printLong.' Also the derived class must not have its own data members. The first constructor function of the derived class has no parameter. It must invoke the base class constructor with no parameter. The second constructor function must have three parameters. It must invoke the base class constructor with three parameters. The member function 'printlong' must insert on the ostream object passed by reference the current objects's date in the long format. For example, the long format of 11/01/2001 is November 1, 2001. Your int main() function should be the following. int main() { int day, month, year; LongDate d; cout <<"Today's date: "; [url removed, login to view](cout); cout << endl; cout << 'Today's date in long form: "; [url removed, login to view](cout); cout << endl; cout << "Enter your favourite date (mm dd yyyy): "; cin >> month >> day >> year; LongDate dd(day,month, year); cout << "Your favorite date: "; [url removed, login to view](cout); cout << endl; cout << "Your favourite date in long form: "; [url removed, login to view](cout); cout << endl; return 0; } I could not fit it all on the description so i put the rest on the deliverables section

## Deliverables

How to get the date from the computer's clock? Be the body of the default constructor in class Date. The following statements will do it. It must Different sample runs display the following: 1) Today's date: 11/04/2001 (print member function must pad with 'O' for a single digit like 4) Today's date in long form: November 4, 2001 Enter your favorite date ( mm dd yyyy): 1 2 2001 Your favorite date: 01/02/2001 Your favorite date in long form: January 2, 2001 2) Today's date: 11/04/2001 Today's date in long form: November 4, 2001 Enter your favorite date ( mm dd yyyy): 3 1 2000 Your favorite date is 03/01/2000 Your favorite date is March 1, 2000 Run your program with input 1 2 2001 and repeat it again with input 3 1 2000. Turn in a hard copy of '[url removed, login to view]' on the due date. Please include your name, user name, and path name to the project folder on the hard copy. struct tm *ptr; // pointer of type struct tm // which holds calendar time components time_t t = time( 0 ); // determine the current calendar time // which is assigned to timeptr ptr = localtime( &t ); // convert the current calendar time //pointed to by timeptr into //broken down time and assign it to ptr day = ptr->tm,_mday; // broken down day of month month = 1 + ptr->tm_mon; // broken down month since January year = ptr->tm_year+ 1900; // broken down year since 1900 You must include the following include directive. #include#include#includeFragment of code to display a single digit padded with zero(es). using std::setw; using std::setfill; int x = 2; cout << setfill('O') << setw(2) << x; // displays 02 x = 5; cout <<setfill ('O')<< setw(3) << x; // displays 005 cout << x; // displays 3. Need to use the manipulator whenever padding is required Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

## Deadline information

DUE 11/19/01

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