Create 100 TOP Comments for 100 Youtube Videos with each at least 10 Likes



Hi there,

I need you to Post 100 comments which I will provide to 100 different Youtube videos.

You will need multiple accounts with multiple proxy servers.

Here are the requirements:

1. Comment must be a Top Comment*

2. Comment must be vissible to everyone (Not flagged as Spam)

3. Each comment must have at least 10 Likes

4. Comment must stay there for at least 1 week (So durring this period of time, you need monitor it and replace if it get flagged)

5. I will not provide any Youtube accounts, you will be responsible for it

In order to determinate whom I choose you will need to add following sentence in front of your bid:

"I'm not a bot, I read the description and 1+1 != 3"

You will need to create 3 test comments up front as demonstration you can do it, so beside you bid, you will send me a private message and ask for the 3 video links and the test comment.

Everyone who don't put this bot sentence up front and dont send me a pm that asks for the test links and test comment will be ignored, even you try to contact me later, I will still ignore you!

*To be fair: In some cases it might be not possible to put the comment in top position, for example if there are other high rated comments on it already, so in this case I will be satisfied as long the comment has 10 likes and is not flagged.

I will give everyone the same chance, even 0 review people are welcome, as long you prove you can do it and as long you play fair and don't use mass bid methods, like many others here

Skills: C Programming, PHP, SEO, Web Scraping, YouTube

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