Online Card Game

Budget $500 - $1000 USD
Bids 27
Average Bid $724

I need a card game made preferably in Java, C++ or C sharp. I would like this to be a card game app that a person can download from a website. They then add their friends to their contacts list and when there are 4 players online they can begin a game by one of the players hosting the game. The players can communicate by text or by voice chat (if possible by video chat too). Think of it like a chat client that allows users to play a card game and allows voice chat between the 4 players at the same time.

The game will be a 4 person card game with some variations. I would also like a database that will store person’s statistics such as: win/lose and come up with an algorithm for a score based on special wins/lose.

Developer to build prototype and have milestones and updates weekly for review. Payment will be made based on milestones which will be discussed and specified in detail.

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Bids on this Project

  • ajkamath Profile Picture


    Mulky,  India

    C Programming, Java, XML, and Linux

  • z0424155 Profile Picture


    Tbilisi,  Georgia

    I have graduation on computer science and engineering. I have done many project on mvc,codeigniter.

    ASP, Java, JSP, and .NET

  • aonyung Profile Picture


    United Kingdom

    ## BIO I have 7 years worth of development experience and have worked on several high profile projects in the past ( can show demos if requested).

    PHP, C Programming, Java, and Windows Desktop

  • orlandodev Profile Picture


    United States

    ## BIO Skills • Programming: C, C++, Java, SQL, dot Net, Jsp, PHP, Flash, Java script, xml, Ejb, Perl, Python, bash scripts, SAS, Mat Lab, Simulink, Math Cad, VHDL, Fortran • Software Tools: Rational Rose, Clear Case, CVS, Doors, Toad, Dream Weaver, CS3, Visio, Ms Project, Ms Office, STK, Solid Works, PRO-E, Altera, P-Spice • System Admin: Open BSD, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Cent Os, Solaris, HP UX, Windows Xp, Windows 2000, DOS, Unix SystemV Work Experience Renasi formerly GT Innovative Jan 2008-Current Software Engineer & Business Development (Orlando, Fl) • Developed a business plan, and managed a small portfolio of assets (equities & futures). • Database design and implementation used for currency and equity markets (mySql 5.1). • Developed data mining applications for extraction of delayed equity and futures market prices. • Developed TD Ameritrade interface for database population. (Java API) • Developed algorithms for analyzing current market trends. (Java & XML) • Developed triggers, functions and procedures for equities database (mySql 5.1). • Developing the front end of the application using action script and Flash. • Maintained database server, application server, and analyst laptops. (Linux & Xp) • Performed research on equity derivatives (options, CDS, & CDO), and determined which derivatives would be used as an investment vessel. Option trading strategies wore used for risk mitigation. Lockheed Martin Simulation Training & Support Jan 2006-Sept 2007 Field Service Representative (Saudi Arabia) • Responsible for ten military training sites, which are located throughout the Arabian peninsula. • Responsible for weekly and monthly reports regarding the status of all sites and all work that was performed during that time. • Responsibilities also included two full motion simulators, and two other field service representatives. • Coordinated new simulator installs, bug reports, software updates, and hardware design issues. • Wrote hardware test scripts for Unix System V, and Linux (Fedora core 4). • Wrote maintenance manuals that would be used by other field representatives for data backups and hardware trouble shooting. Lockheed Martin Simulation Training & Support Sept 2003-Jan 2008 Software Engineer (Orlando, Fl) • Developed an application which used a csv file to populate logistics database (Oracle 9i). • Performed some reverse engineering of parts of the current logistics system to get better understanding of tables and their relations due to lack of documentation. (Java) • Developed complex queries for simple tasks due to some design flaws, inadequate relations between tables, and some fields in tables were not properly constrained. (Oracle 9i) • Developed portion of a military logistics application. (Oracle 9i, J2EE) • Face recognition analysis performed for determining accuracy of face recognition Sw.(dot Net) University of Central Florida Fall 2002 Adjunct Professor for Digital Circuits - CET3323 (Orlando, Fl) • Taught feeds lecture as well as one of the labs. • Generated and graded homework, projects, and exams. • Taught students history of computers, Boolean algebra, gate theory, timing, state machines, and different techniques in developing simple digital circuits for a set of known and desired conditions. United Space Alliance May 2002-October 2002 Orbital Maneuvering Systems (OMS) Engineer (Cape Canaveral, Fl) Reaction Control Systems (RCS) Engineer • Wrote and ran test procedures for different modules of OMS/RCS System. • Wrote and ran procedures for repairing and testing ground support equipment for the shuttle’s OMS/RCS. • Helped in the development of a new shuttle processing software, some parts wore tested but the overall project was canceled since the shuttle fleet is scheduled for retirement by 2012. • Created simplified test cases using excel for different fuel conditions which would wore later used for fixing some equation errors. Cp Ships November 2001-May 2002 Software Engineer & Java Architect (Tampa, Fl) • Developed system architecture using J2EE standards, UML techniques, and rational rose. • Researched different recommended patterns for creating framework, struts, ejbs, servlets, etcetera. • Develop the user interface, and middle ware, for the proof of concept of the architecture. (Jsp, Java) • Portions of the designed framework were implemented to show proof of concept. • Presented proof of concept with the other four-team members to the CIO. (J2EE) University of Central Florida Fall 2000 Teacher Assistant for Aerospace Numerical Methods - EML3034 (Orlando, Fl) • Graded exams, class projects and also helped students comprehend various numerical techniques, which were used in class projects, homework, and exams. Lockheed Martin Information Systems January 1998-May 2001 Computer Programmer & Assistant Test Engineer (Orlando, Fl) Automated Finger Print System (AFIS) FBI Project Card scanning Services (CSS) FBI Project • Developed statistical modules for performing analysis on AFIS system. (SAS) • Wrote and performed various types of testing on the AFIS system. (C) • Developed statistical package for performing analysis on CSS system. (Perl) • Developed modules for simulating unfinished portions of the CSS systems, these modules created sql scripts that populated the database, used for verification of crystal reports. (Oracle 8i) Education & Licenses University Of Central Florida (ABET Accredited) Orlando, FL Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering May 2001 Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering May 2001 BEA EJB Certification ## Area of Expertise Linux System Administration, J2EE, Database design development, .Net framework 2&3, PHP, Flash, Java script, ssh, ldap, ftp, ssl, tls, dns, email server (postfix, sendmail), xml, Perl, Python, bash scripts, SAS, Mat Lab, Simulink, Math Cad, VHDL, Fortran.

    PHP, C Programming, Java, and Adobe Flash

  • govega Profile Picture


    Riga,  Latvia

    programming, networking C, C++, unix, perl, python, LaTeX, XSI

    Project Management, SEO, Data Entry, and Engineering

  • vw7352331vw Profile Picture


    United Kingdom

    ## BIO Our company is called PerfectFreelanceUk, We offer our expertise in any area of work. Resulting in outstanding work, quick and reliable. We are based in the UK and our office is located in Hertfordshire. ## Area of Expertise A++ A# .NET A# (Axiom) A-0 System ABAP ABC ABC ALGOL Abel ABLE ABSET ABSYS Abundance ACC Accent ActForex ActionScript Ace DASL ACT-III Ada Adenine Afnix Agora AIS Balise Aikido Alef ALF ALGOL Alice Ambi Amiga E AMOS AMPLE APL AppleScript Arc Arduino ASP.NET ATS AutoHotkey AutoIt Averest AWK Axum Bash BASIC - Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code bc BCPL BeanShell Bertrand BETA Bigwig Bistro BitC BLISS Blue Bon Boo Boomerang BPEL Brainfuck BUGSYS BuildProfessional C-- C++ - ISO/IEC 14882 C# - ISO/IEC 23270 C/AL Caché ObjectScript Caml Cat Cayenne Cecil Cel Cesil CFML Cg Ch interpreter (C/C++ interpreter) Chapel CHAIN Charity Chef CHILL CHIP-8 chomski CHR Chrome ChucK CICS CIL Cilk CL (Honeywell) Claire Clarion Clean Clipper CLIST Clojure CLU CMS-2 COBOL - ISO/IEC 1989 CobolScript Cobra CODE Cola ColdC ColdFusion COMAL Common Lisp (also known as CL) COMPASS Component Pascal COMIT Converge Cool Coral 66 Corn CorVision COWSEL CPL csh CSP Csound CSS Curl Curry Cyclone Dao DASL - Distributed Application Specification Language DASL - Datapoint's Advanced Systems Language DarkBASIC DarkBASIC Professional DataFlex Datalog dBase dc DCL Deesel (formerly G) Delphi Dialect DinkC Dialog Manager DIBOL DL/I Dylan dylan.NET Dynace D++ (formerly J#) Ease EASY Easy PL/I EASYTRIEVE PLUS eC (Ecere C) ECMAScript eDeveloper Edinburgh IMP EGL Eiffel Einstein Elan elastiC Elf Emacs Lisp Englesi Epigram Erlang Escapade Escher Esterel Etoys Euclid Euler Euphoria CMS EXEC EXEC 2 F# Factor Falcon Fan Felix Ferite FFP Fjölnir FL Flavors FLOW-MATIC Fly FOCAL FOCUS FOIL FORMAC @Formula Forth Fortran - ISO/IEC 1539 Fortress FoxPro 2 FP Franz Lisp Frink F-Script Fuxi Gambas GAMS GAP G-code GDL Gibiane GJ GLSL GM GML GOAL Gödel Godiva Goo GOTRAN GPSS GraphTalk GRASS Green Groovy HAL/S IBM HAScript Haskell HaXe High Level Assembly HLSL Hop Hope Hugo Hume HyperTalk IBM Basic assembly language IBM Informix-4GL IBM RPG ICI Icon Id IDL IMP Inform Io Ioke IPL IPTSCRAE IronPython ISPF ISWIM J# J++ JADE Jako JAL Janus JASS Java JavaScript JCL JEAN Join Java JOSS Joule JOVIAL Joy JScript JSP Kaleidoscope Karel Karel++ Kaya KEE Kiev KIF Kite Kogut KRC KRYPTON ksh KUKA L# .NET LabVIEW Ladder Lagoona LANSA Lasso Lava Leadwerks Script Leda Legoscript Limbo Limnor LINC Lingo Linoleum LIS LISA Lisaac Lisp - ISO/IEC 13816 Lithe Little b Logix Logo LOLCODE LPC LSE LSL Lua Lucid Lush Lustre LYaPAS Lynx M4 MAD Magik Magma MapBasic Maple MAPPER (Unisys/Sperry) now part of BIS MARK-IV (Sterling/Informatics) now VISION:BUILDER of CA Mary MASM Microsoft Assembly x86 Mathematica MATLAB Maxima (see also Macsyma) MaxScript internal language 3D Studio Max Maya (MEL) MDL Mercury Mesa MetaL Microcode MicroScript MIIS MillScript MIMIC min Mindscript Miranda MIVA Script ML Moby Model 204 Modula Modula-2 Modula-3 Mondrian MOO Mortran Moto Mouse MPD MSIL - deprecated name for CIL MSL MSX BASIC MUMPS Mythryl Napier88 NATURAL NEAT chipset Neko Nemerle NESL Net.Data NetLogo NewLISP NEWP NewtonScript NGL Nial Nice Nickle Nosica NPL NQC Nu NXC NXT-G XML Oak Oberon Object Lisp ObjectLOGO Object Pascal Objective-C Objective Caml Objective-J Obliq Obol occam occam-? Octave OmniMark Onyx Opal OpenEdge ABL OPL OPS5 Orc ORCA/Modula-2 Orwell Oxygene Oz PARI/GP Pascal - ISO 7185 Pawn PCASTL PCF PEARL Perl PDL PHP Phrogram Pico Pict Piet Pike PIKT PILOT Pizza PL-11 PL/0 PL/B PL/C PL/I - ISO 6160 PL/M PL/P PL/SQL PL360 PLANC Plankalkül PLEX PLEXIL Pliant POP-11 Poplog PostScript PortablE Powerhouse PPL Processing Prograph PROIV Prolog Visual Prolog Promela PROTEL Proteus ProvideX Pure Python Qi QtScript QBasic QuakeC QPL R++ Rapira Ratfiv Ratfor RBScript rc REBOL Redcode REFAL Reia Revolution rex REXX Rlab ROOP RPG RPL RSL Ruby S2 S3 S-Lang S-PLUS SA-C SAC SAIL SALSA SAM76 SAS SASL Sather Sawzall SBL Scala Scheme Scilab Scratch Script.NET Sed Seed7 Self SETL Shakespeare Shift Script SiMPLE SIMPOL SIMSCRIPT Simula SISAL Slate SLIP SMALL Smalltalk SML SNOBOL SPITBOL Snow Snowball SNUSP SOL Span SPARK Spice SPIN SP/k SPS Squeak Squirrel SR SSL Strand Subtext Suneido SuperCollider SYMPL SyncCharts SystemVerilog TACL TACPOL TADS TAL Tcl Tea TECO TELCOMP CA-Telon TenCORE TEX TIE Timber Tom TOM Topspeed TPU Trac T-SQL TTCN Turbo Pascal Turing TUTOR TXL Ubercode Unicon Uniface uniPaaS UNITY Unix shell Unlambda UnrealScript USE (Regency Systems) Vala VBA VBScript Verilog VHDL Visual Basic Visual Basic .NET Visual C++ Visual C++ .Net Visual DataFlex Visual DialogScript Visual FoxPro Visual J++ Visual Objects Vvvv Water WATFIV, WATFOR WebQL Whitespace Winbatch WinDev Windows PowerShell X++ X10 XBL xHarbour XL XOTcl XPL XPL0 XQuery XSLT - See XPath YACC YAL Yoix Yorick Z Z notation Zeno <a href= ""></a>

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • newenterpri Profile Picture



    ## BIO New Enterprise Coders believe in the best of quality at every step of development and the formation of mutually profitable long term relationships with our clients.

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • JamesEsssex Profile Picture


    Toronto,  Canada

    I am on a mission to lead in the development of enriched interactive multimedia. My development approach infuses creativity, applied research, media theory and passion into cutting-edge interactive solutions. If a software product has solved its proposed problem, has blended theory, research and creativity, has pushed the limits of interactivity, and is really cool to use then I know I have been successful in its creation. For over 5 years, I have been developing business solutions, business software applications, and have been prototyping and experimenting with gaming and multimedia projects. I have also been cultivating an extensive media theory base and development methodology. For years I have also been writing creative fiction, prose and poetry, and have been developing my skills as an artist. I am much more than a proficient programmer. I consider myself a concept developer, adept with research, modeling, designing, and innovative thinking. I am currently looking for projects in the areas of: mobile games and applications, educational games and applications, online and platform games, and unique business solutions. EDUCATION June 2005: Bachelor of Arts, Specialized Honours, Information Technology, York University, Toronto, Canada • Maintained high average while studying wide breadth of subjects: Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Database Development, Mathematics, Chinese, Accounting, Economics, Social Science, English Literature, and Design. • Developed strong critical reasoning, conceptualization, and modeling abilities. August 2000: Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet, Netcom Training and Technology Institute, Toronto, Canada • Received thorough, applied, hands-on training in network installation and management, network infrastructures, TCP/IP and internet languages. • Developed skill and knowledge in installing, managing and maintaining internet servers. PROJECTS For each project, I performed the full systems development cycle: client interview, concept ideation, proposal writing, project timeline planning, modeling, coding, implementation, and testing. Software Solutions 2008-09 CLIA – Client Inquiry and Analytics: A Research and Reporting Application • A custom software solution that integrates data from an internet-based survey tool, in house accounting data, and in-house registration data. • The solution includes multiple data retrieval nodes, a data filter, a data “visualizor” for analysis, and built-in custom report writer which produces professional quality reports. • Languages Used: Visual Basic.Net, XML, HTML, Excel, and PowerPoint. 2008 COSTEX – Costing Expert: An Integrated Costing Application • A custom software solution that allows management/controller to dynamically assign various project items to respective projects, and assess cost efficiency of items across projects. • Languages Used: Visual Basic 6, Excel. 2007 MENUPLAN – Purchasing Advisor: A Dynamic Purchasing Planner • A custom software solution which computes average costs of ingredients within menu items, allowing user to assess profitability of purchases of each item within scope of entire menu. • Languages Used: Visual Basic 6, Excel. 2000-06 University Assigned and Independent Projects • Internet Search Engine: coded page mine, backend database, query tool, used JSP, JAVA. • Online Edit: built and online text editor, built interface and application, used JAVA, HTML. • Gambling Game: built craps game, including graphic animations and backend logic, used C. • Multiplayer Tag Game: designed and built graphics, engine, interfaces, used HTML, JAVA. • Rip-It Racers: designed and built racing game, physics, engine, interfaces, used TURING. Business Solutions 2006 Adler Professional Schools • Streamlined accounting processes, redesigned: invoicing system, cash flow and cash position models, budget analyses, and other ad hoc reporting processes. 2004 Vertex Brands • Completely reconciled all ledgers, then revamped and computerized the financial reporting processes, reducing the monthly report time from two days to two hours. • Wrote the full procedures manual for the accounting department. Educational Solutions 2003-04 Pomato Education Canada: Course Development • Designed, developed, and implemented course structure and content for several courses: Business Communications, Writing Power, TOEFL Reading/Writing, and English Conversation. • Developed a pronunciation system which retrains the language specific muscles/apparatus used during conversation, which had a great impact upon students in a very short period of time. PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT • Sept. 2005 - Delivered 3-part lecture series on HTML/Dreamweaver to two undergraduate Classes at Concordia University, Montreal Canada. • June 2005 - Accepted into the Master of Arts, Education Technology program at Concordia. • Fall 2004 - Peer Advisor, Calumet College, York University.

    PHP, Java, Visual Basic, and Game Design

  • luvlyIn Profile Picture


    Ranchi,  India

    We are an Indian company working in the field of software development since 2001. We have developed quite a few no. of websites for our clients throughout the world and we have also developed many web application in LAMP. Our objective for any project is to deliver the results at the best possible rates in the minimum possible time

    C Programming, Javascript, Website Design, and Linux

  • altafrehman Profile Picture


    Chitral,  Pakistan

    We are team of experienced developers,having expertise in JAVA and .NET