Finishing iOS application



PLEASE DO NOT bid on this project before you read the description below!

Finishing my application for Appstore.

I´ve had another guy working on this app, but he was not able to finish the job and making it work properly.

So the situation is that I have some of the application and functions working but not all is working the way it should.

Below you can see the original application idea and description.

The application is made to support iOS 4.3 and the current issue is that the search function isn´t working as it is supposed to do. I have attached a document that explains the search function-logic.

Besides that, an in-app purchase and admob module needs to be implemented

Server part and application part are both attached in a Zip-file.

PLEASE DO NOT bid on this project if you do not have the right amount of knowledge and experience with the following:

DATABASE-programming for iOS and server.

PHP Programming

iOS development from version 4.3 and up. You need to be experienced in both iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5

Do not hesitate to ask any kind of questions.

Originally Description:

Finishing my app for appstore

I´m making an app for the Danish market and it is currently works as a proof of concept.

App idea:

The idea is that in Denmark, so called “drinking-games” is a very common part of a party. But people most likely always ends up with the same 2 or 3 games because they don´t know any other games or simply don´t remember the rules.

A Drinking game most typically contains playing cards, dices, dice cups, etc. Within these different games there is a set of rules that basically makes people drink more.

Therefore, the Idea is to make an app that contains all the rules of all these individual “drinking games” and NOT the actual games.

As said, these games uses different equipment. It may be a single thing or different equipment combined.

When the app is launched, it starts by asking the user which of the listed equipment is available for the user. The application now shows a list of available games, which is playable with the selected equipment. The user may now select one of the listed games, to see the rules.

What needs to be done?

The application is currently only a proof of concept and most of the stuff are hardcoded.

When finished the application consists of two parts, a server and an iPhone application.


Make MySQL database for containing game rules, equipment required for a game and equipment itself.

Admin panel for MySQL database:

Possibility for adding games (name, rules and required equipment)

Possibility for adding equipment

Possibility for deleting games and equipment

Possibility for editing games and equipment

I own the domain: [url removed, login to view] and the hosting service which I use supports MySQL and the database may be hosted here.

Application Part:

User interface may be as the proof of concept application (code included)

Communication with server:

Make a list of selectable equipment; user may select one or more (equipment received from server)

Show a list of all possible games that contains the selected equipment

Random function, which shows a random game from all the games in database

I´m looking into having two versions of this application. One that is completely free but which contains ads and furthermore, only shows the first two games that is playable with the selected equipment. Other games are shown but greyed out and not selectable.

The free version has to have an in-app purchase opportunity, which unlocks the full list of playable games and of course removes ads.

For the advertising part, I have looked into [url removed, login to view] but I do not have any experience with advertising on applications. My only requirement is that it has to work in Denmark and reasonable payout.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Skills: Data Entry, Database Administration, iPhone, Mobile Phone, PHP

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