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  • cjwenterprises Profile Picture


    United States

    ## BIO I only work on IBM computers. (No MAC, Amigas, or Ataris) I only work within the Windows environment (No Unix, Linux, DOS or any other) I only do C++, Blitz3d, Torque 1.4 (Any more, and I'll wear myself out) Types of games I enjoy playing for fun are RPGs, (Dungeon Siege, Diablo II, Deus Ex) and military strategy games (V for Victory, Close Combat) And somewhat for profit, albeit only a little (BlackJack, Baccarat, Video Poker, Bingo, Texas Hold 'Em) Types of games I enjoy writing are * RPGS (none developed yet, though in my spare time, I'm working on a sci-fi space adventure, (too many heroes fighting dragons out there already)) * Gambling Games (have an engine developed that is 95% complete. Should be ready to market in 2006. If I'm still alive then, check back with me) * Arcade Games (none marketed yet, but see below) * small utilities (--) Completed Projects: Error Console - a utility program that allows beginning programmers to customize error messages for their clients (Cost $ .50) Works in C++ Builder (4.0, 5.0, 6.0) BetControl - a form that gambling software houses can use. It features are: * Set Bets * Adjusts Bets * Account display * Customizeable Ledger (keeps track of Account, Bets, Payouts) * Table Limits setting bets to Min = $. 25 and Max to $ 500.00. (Cost $ 1.75) Works in C++ Builder (4.0, 5.0, 6.0) Works in C++ Builder (4.0) Current Projects: For Clients: For Myself: Ebola (- a arcade/puzzle/competition game where players compete against each other to win control of a checker board due 4/1/2004 delayed 12/1/2007) The Quiz Game (- a quiz generator that generates multiple choice as well as True/False questions due 6/1/2004 placed on hold until Ebola is completed) Number Magic (the first in a series of five casino - numbers games due 4/1/2005, rescheduled to 12/1/2007) Wild Guesses (the first in a second series of casino-numbers games due 4/1/2005, rescheduled to 12/1/2007) My office hours are (by appointment) ## Area of Expertise C++ Builder (4.0, 6.0) Dev C++ (4.0) Visual Studio Express 2005/2010 (Visual Basic, C++, C#) Blitz 3D  (3D  Game Programming) Torque (TGE 1.4)  (3D  Game Programming) Sci-fi game programming (especially space shooters like galaxian, etc.) casino games RPG Games (code only -- no graphics) Gambling Games (Unique)  (sorry, no Poker, Blackjack, Keno etc. -- How many PartyPoker sites does the internet really need

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • RustedRose Profile Picture


    KL,  Malaysia

    As coders, we have earned at least USD$100,000 from GAF buyers. Many keep coming back for more projects (more than 33% repeat hire rate!).

    PHP, ASP, XML, and Adobe Flash

  • dayor Profile Picture


    United States

    ## BIO     I have been programming for both personal and small business assistance programs for approximately 9 years now.  Extreemly well versed in professional design level Visual Basic (16 and 32 bit) including Active X usage and design.  COM Control usage File I/O Networking via Microsoft Winsock Active X control or I can self write a direct Winsock Dynamic Link library in C++ to be used in conjuction with any Visual Basic projects if need be.  I am Experienced with graphics, music, input from KeyBoard, Mouse and Jopystick mediums.  I can impliment Direct X Methods in any Visual Basic project but I will strongly recomend AGAINST it.     I have now been programming both personal and small to medium business assistance programs for aproximately 6 years in C/C++.  Versed in all forms of the C programming language implimentation from Console applications Dynamic Link Library creation, Static Link Library creation, Software Development Kits, Stand Alone windows applications, Both Direct X and standard Microsoft Glide controller animation and graphic control.  Again capabale of inturrperating input from a keyboard, mouse or joystick.  WAVE, MIDI, MP3 and all other sound format experience, artificial intelligence for game uses and able to create extreemly large complex networked applications.  Both server and client side applications. ## Area of Expertise     I have covered alot of areas that I excell in within the bio portion of this resume.  Although those are not my only skills, I am also extreemly well versed in PHP, ASP, Flash, HTML, Java & JavaScript, Q Basic, Robotix and TADS programming languages.  If it is possible to be done with a programming language I am confident I will complete the task in both a timely and professional matter.  All jobs I take on are tested rigerously for security, speed and stability before released in final versions.  I give my personal gurantee that you will be overly pleased with any work I have done for you.  I have college level education in Q Basic, and Robotix programming languages.  I also have college level education in all forms of electronics, from analog to digital, hydrollics and network implimentation.

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • burneevw Profile Picture


    Chisinau,  Moldova, Republic of

    ## BIO Resume: Here is my profile contest: 1992-1997 Colledge of Information Technologies, fucalty of Phisics and Information Technoligies/Speciality of Programmer 1997-2002 State University/Fucalty of Math & Information tech./Spec. information tech. Designer 2002 May - December Cources of Flash MX, Web design ## Area of Expertise Areas Of Expertise: Professional Web Design & Development CorelDraw; Adobe PhotoShop; Adobe Illustrator; 3Dxara; Flash 6; SAMPLES Design samples http://ruscon.3x.ro/aim4media.htm http://rayburn.front.ru/f1\_blue\_03.jpg http://rayburn.front.ru/!\_variant\_03.jpg http://rayburn.front.ru/SLB.jpg http://rayburn.front.ru/f1.jpg http://rayburn.front.ru/pincodes.jpg Flash Game http://rayburn.front.ru/race1.swf http://www.spacewinner.com/l4p/lines4ps.html www.va-bank.com www.spicewinner.com http://www.goodportal.h11.ru/roulette1.swf http://www.5d.ru/web/raykov/ Banners http://www.webdesign.net.ua/1.swf http://5d.ru/web/banner/landoor/600x60.html http://5d.ru/web/banner/baner.html http://5d.ru/web/banner/l4.html http://5d.ru/web/weitz/banner2.html http://5d.ru/web/weitz/banner1.html http://rayburn.front.ru/150(1).swf http://rayburn.front.ru/mp3\_120x200.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/mp3\_468\_60.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/mp3a.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/mp3root\_120x200(2).swf http://rayburn.front.ru/zenonLogo.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/final%20baner.5\_opt2.swf Flash effects http://rayburn.front.ru/opr00AO6.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/opr008CY.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/opr009Z6.swf Intros http://rayburn.front.ru/intro\_new2.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/presanation.swf http://rayburn.front.ru/fig.swf Flash Logo http://rayburn.front.ru/Logo_1.gif http://rayburn.front.ru/NSlogo2.swf 3D Works http://rayburn.mail15.com/qwe.swf - man http://rayburn.mail15.com/Room03.jpg http://rayburn.mail15.com/earth.jpg http://rayburn.mail15.com/nissan2.jpg http://rayburn.mail15.com/nissan3.jpg http://rayburn.mail15.com/Batton.jpg Programming CGI, PHP, HTML/DHTML, perl/php, JavaScript, VBScript; (SSI, Apache) C/C++, Java + JDBC +JSP, Delphi MSSQL; InterBase ; MySQL; Oracle HTML ; JSP ; CSS; DreamWeaver; SSI, ftp, http,

    PHP, ASP, Java, and JSP

  • vabene Profile Picture


    vilnius,  Lithuania

    I am web professional with more than 6 years experience in web design & programming. currently freelancing. my portfolio is located at www.gontis.com

    Adobe Flash