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I need a file upload component written in Flash. The latest version of Flash supports sockets etc. and therefore it is possible to write an uploader that will use FTP. I have written scripts to interact with FTP however my Flash is a bit rusty and I would prefer to pay someone to carry out this fairly simple task, as by the time I get started in Flash you could have finished the job :o) I already have a Flash uploader that uses HTTP, but the problem with using HTTP is that it ties up a webserver process and uses a lot of memory until the upload is complete. I am looking to upload files of up to 2Gb, therefore Flash using FTP seems to be the only way forward (I do not want to use Java). I have heard that Flex can also do this, but I am not very knowledgeable about Flex and therefore I do not know if it will suit my purpose.

## Deliverables

This is what I am looking for: - A component that can be easily embedded into a web page to mimic the file upload box. - It should be easy to style the component, whether by me opening the .fla and changing graphics/styling, or by passing parameters to the component. - The component will display a textbox and Browse button, just like an ordinary file upload box. When the button is pressed, the user will be able to browse for a file. The selected file will then be shown in the textbox. - The component will also display an Upload button, plus have an option to hide this button. There will be a hook so that the upload process can be triggered by JavaScript from the page. - When uploading, the component will show a progress bar to indicate how the upload is proceeding. - The component will send the file via FTP, to a location that is configurable (either by passing in settings, or altering the .fla and recompiling - you tell me what is best; I am worried about security, as the FTP account will have a password). - Once upload is complete, the component should be able to call JavaScript on the page, or probably instead call a remote URL, so that the web application knows that the file has been uploaded. The filename will be passed, along with other configurable information. - The component should be able to deal with situations where a file with the same filename exists. - The component should be able to resume transfer of a file, so that if for example 400Mb of a 500Mb file has been uploaded, the last 100Mb is uploaded on the second attempt, and not the whole 500Mb. This should be considered when dealing with same-name files - I am thinking that a combination of user id etc. should be specifiable so that there are no filename collisions and we can reliably resume transfers. - The component should be able to handle all relevant FTP commands and responses - logging in, resuming transfers, handling errors, etc. - If errors occur, the component should either display them, or log them, depending on whether it is in development mode. I am currently thinking that due to the amount of configuration required, we should be looking at doing this configuration inside the .fla file and therefore generate an application-specific .swf file. This would also protect my file from being grabbed and used by other people. However if there is a good reason for having some things configurable through passing parameters to the component, we can discuss that. I believe that having things set up so that I can alter the .fla will be quicker and cheaper than having a system where parameters are passed in - let me know. Either way, you will provide me with instructions so I know how to style the component and configure the various options. You must: - Let me know how long you expect to take, as well as providing a cost. - Fully understand the project requirements before finalising our agreement and starting work - once we have agreed a cost I will not be increasing it. - Have strong Flash experience, and be able to demonstrate previous work. - Be comfortable using FTP communication protocols. - Be able to test the component with large files - I do not want you to deliver a component that has only been tested with small files. - Have all the necessary software tools to carry out the work (The latest Flash, etc.). I can provide an FTP account on a remote server for testing purposes if necessary. - Understand written English well, in order to comprehend instructions without confusion. - Be able to write understandable English, to facilitate good communication. - Be contactable via email, with clearly-defined response times. - Be able to communicate via written Skype conversation at certain times (these can be pre-arranged to suit both of us). You will not be required to have voice conversations but if you are happy to, we could do. You can: - Live anywhere in the world. I really don't care what country you live in, so long as you can produce quality work and we can communicate. - Work whatever hours you want. I will not ask you to work at specific times or be available at any particular time, except when we have scheduled a Skype conversation (maybe once per week). Generally we will keep in touch via email. I do not expect this to be a long project, so I would imagine there will be very little communication. You will ask questions if you are not totally clear on the project brief. Once you are happy, you will go away and write the code. You will then deliver the completed project. It should be very straightforward :o) I am open to suggestions about how to go about this, and therefore will change my requirements if you convince me there is a better way to do something. Obviously this will be before we finalise our agreement. I have chosen Flash over FTP because it appears to be the best method of accomplishing this. You will provide me with complete .fla source code as well as compiled .swf, an example HTML page that uses the component, and complete written instructions on how to use and customise the component. I will receive complete and exclusive copyright to all of the deliverables. ---------- This broadcast message was sent to all bidders on Thursday Jan 24, 2008 4:07:36 AM: I have been reliably informed that my initial intention to have the upload component written in Flash is not possible, due to Flash security restrictions. The only way forward appears to be to use Java. The project is therefore altered to need Java rather than Flash. All requirements stay the same except this.

## Platform

- Should function in all browsers. - Should interact with all FTP servers that obey FTP standards. Target is Proftpd running on Linux.

Skills: ActionScript, Adobe Flash, Engineering, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Web Hosting, Website Management, Website Testing

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