Clone Android app, but using Corona SDK

I would like you to *clone* this app using Corona (in fact, this game actually was created in Corona!): [url removed, login to view]

## Deliverables

This is a project that uses the Corona SDK to build iPhone, iPad, and Android app. You can read more about the Corona SDK here: [url removed, login to view] Corona is a very powerful development environment that allows you to build iPhone, iPad, and Android apps using the "lua" programming language. It's a "write once, build anywhere" sort of environment. For this project, you just need to get the project working in the Corona simulator. You do NOT need to test the project on an iPhone or Android phone. I will do that, and let you know if any adjustments need to be made. You do NOT have to submit anything to the various app stores. Just get the app working in the Corona simulator. I have a Corona subscription to create deployment-ready builds. I would like you to *clone* this app using Corona (in fact, this game actually was created in Corona!): [url removed, login to view] By "clone" I mean that the app should work exactly as it does in the Android Market, EXCEPT for the following things: 1) You should not clone bugs! If there is a bug or crash in the Android Market app, obviously that bug should not exist in the Corona version. 2) The app should function correctly in all device types available in the Corona simulator (iPad, iPhone, Android). 3) You should change the name and credits to the name and credits that I will provide to you. Thus, you should not use the name or credits seen in the app. 4) Please take a look at the much more sophisticated graphics of this app, which is VERY similar to Bubble Ball: [url removed, login to view] The various construction pieces actually look like real wood, steel, etc. I will be hiring a graphic designer to create the backgrounds, and probably also to create the various animated parts of the app, like the ball, the constuction materials, the goal, and the landscape. Thus, you should user PLACEHOLDER graphics for development, until I send you the final artwork. 5) The Levels should be original, created by YOU. I'm looking for at least 10 original levels to start with, but at the end of the project I may hire you to create many more levels. Thus, it would be good if you have some way to quickly create more levels. 6) You should provide unique construction materials for users to achieve the goal. Bubble Ball provides some basic construction materials, and I'd like this app to also provide some basic construction materials, but I want the ones we create to be slightly different to avoid copyright infrigement. You should ensure that every level is feasible using the construction materials that you provide. 7) Rotating objects should be easier. Please see how the "Apparatus" app performs rotations of objects. I think that providing a small arrow at the end of the construction element is much more intuitive than the method that Bubble Ball uses (which is tapping on the object). 8) Users should NOT be able to advance to the next level until they complete the current level (similar to how it works in Angry Birds). 9) You should add at least 2 new features to the app of your choice! This is where you can really get creative with it if you wish. The new features should provide meaningful new functionality that general users are likely to want. They should not be "trivial" (i.e., don't just add a graphic or change some text). These may, for example, be new options for the "Options" menu, or perhaps new and interesting construction tools, etc. (I'm open to your ideas on this!) Please do not integrate ads into the app. IMAGES AND AUDIO: Please find some open-source .mp3 audio that we can use in this app. I'd like these parts of the app to have audio to accompany it: - ball hits a wood - ball hits metal - ball is "powered" by a power item - ball achieves goal - wood hits metal - wood or metal or any other object hits the ground You can choose these yourself... if I don't like what you've chosen, I'll find replacements. You should use MP3 format for the audio. ADDENDA: I will VERY likely have many future upgrades for this app, so I think that we could potentially have a long term relationship of buyer/developer if you're interested! If the Corona app takes a while to load, please do whatever you can to reduce the load time (like only loading images and libraries "on demand" as required in the app). You should also add a progress bar to the loading screen in such a situation, but hopefully this will not be necessary.

Skills: PHP

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