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I would like to create a site which is a very similar to Yahoo Answers taking some features from Real Travel

The idea is to create two related ideas on the same place:

1. A place where users can ask where, how and what they can, where they can go when traveling in our country, using a frontend/backend similar to Yahoo Answers.

2. A place where users can plan and write their travel journals, recommend and rate places to visit, write history about places in our country, etc. This would be based on Real Travel.

The features would be (amongst other which are taken for granted, like admin section to manage users, what users click on links, messages written by users, posts, etc):


- Quick registration, email confirmation, selection of province/city in our country or another country/city in the world. Choosing a nickname, picture, where he lives, a small description on him.

- Ask your question, where to go, where to have dinner, where to& anything. Add details, category and subcategories. When writing the question, the application should check database in case there are similar questions (use ajax to check real time) [url removed, login to view]

- Preview your question.

- Ask, answer and discover (for our country).

- Answer question/post a comment (block answers if there are more than an specific number of answers and no need of more answers)

- Open questions in category, resolved questions in category, similar questions

- Browse categories and subcategories

- Search categories, answers and questions. Advanced search

- Email question, Add details, Extend expiration, delete question.

- Users questions and answers

- Rate user, question and answer.

- Best answers

- Add question to watchlist, check watchlist, remove from watchlist.

- See answers (share what you know about our country) Sort by date and number of answers.

- Answers: show questions so that users can answer one by one, and get points.

- Create a level system like Yahoos, [url removed, login to view]

- Create leaderboard linked to level

- Have an area on the admin that will allow us to create prices, like free night hotel every week or two weeks for users that answers more questions, etc. It should be easy to post a new price, link it to the home page or any other page on the sidebar and assign it to a user.

- Contact user, report abuse.

- My questions and answers (my profile). Where I can see my nickname, email, IM, Add Details, Public View of my profile, Edit my info, my questions, my answers (best answers), my watchlist, my points, view leaderboard, my recent activity, my travel preferences.

- Add tags easily that can describe question/answers so that we can search later for tags

- Invite users to join us (well use some yahoo/msn/hotmail importer that Ill get). So, wed need to integrate this, this should be pretty easy.

- My account section, upload photo to profile

- Bad words filter. Add words that cannot be posted, like emails, slang, offensive/sex

- Help area

- Tell us what you think/send us your feedback/contact us

- Check spelling (free spelling with some provider)

- Admin section related to all this: best users, questions, answers, block/delete answers (with notifications to user who posted it), see users who abused, see users by province, city, countries. Notify them of an answer to his question, or winning a price.


On the travel page, users should be able to write their own travel journals, and tell us where they are traveling to, recommend new places, rate these places, add descriptions about them.

- Create a trip journal, title, description, tripl location, editor,

- Database of provinces/cities in my country (I do have the database already for registration as well), where we show basic info of the province and city (location, history, photos, people traveling to them, links), places to go/eat/things to do (posted by us or recommended by users).

- Apply for moderation of a city/province. Well allow users to moderate a city or province (one or more), so that they can help us to add and manage info posted by users. So, they will have a unique panel where they can see info posted on city/province assigned to him, review it, report abuse, reply, recommend, etc.

- Add notes/comments to city/province (these will be moderated). So info in each city will be growing while being checked for validation and usefulness by moderators.

- Find other travelers (search, advanced search, linked to answers and questions)

- Tell us about you and why you love to travel.

- Tell us your destination and what youll be doing in those destinations.

- Tell us if you would like to share your trip with someone else.

- Write a review of a place to stay, place to eat, thing to do ([url removed, login to view]) Recommend a place.

- Explore destinations, places to see, eat, sleep, posted by us and recommended by users

- Link posts by users to the point/level system so that they can raise their levels the more answers and tips that they give about our country.

- Rate photo, post a comment.

- Add tags easily that can describe cities/provinces/things to do so that we can search later for tags. [url removed, login to view]

- Highest rated journals (type, title, date, traveler/user, location). Rate journal, add comment. [url removed, login to view]

- Add journal to your favourites. See other journals by user. See users travel page, journals and reviews. [url removed, login to view]

- User is favourite traveler of (users)

These would be more or less the features for this site.

We would like to use PHP and some AJAX for some of the features where database is queried when users types a question or rates something, adding tags, and anything else that will help in sites usability, so that they dont post an answer that is already on the system, unless it belongs to same data on another province.

Design should be fast loading css and xhtml, and seo friendly. Yahoo Answers look great and very easy to easy and clear, it does it quite well most of the times, but I would love a clearner code in XHTML, they use too heavy codes with lot of tables. Site will be in 2 languages. Id provide translation for everything for my mother language. I guess youll be using some sort of XML for locale.

Please contact me with your portfolio and experience. Tell me about your experience so that I can make my decision. Do you have experience with xhtml and Ajax?

I look forward to your PM so that we can start development as soon as possible.

Skills: Graphic Design, PHP

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