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I am searching for a competent web developer to customize my website. The website is a reverse auction website where the timers for auctions go down and if someone bids a certain amount of time is added to the time. Most of the website is complete but some small fixes and some small programming tasks are left. The number of things given below might seem a lot. But as you will see. They are all fairly simple tasks. Thanks.

Please look at the website, bidstash.com. This is the website you wil be customizing. I personally want it to look like quibids.com.

Things to be done:

1) Fix some bugs. The home page timers do not show up the first time we open the main page. They are only visible after navigating around the website and coming back to the main page. The timers themselves work perfectly. Another, bug is that if you join the website and go into the "my account tab" you will see that the "bid bank" tab's image does not show. I will provide you with the image itself and you will be responsible for putting that image in there. Also, there are some formatting bugs like some text is often not alligned.

2) I have already made a logo for the website. Your job will be to place it on the top of the page where it says "bidstash" on every page.

3) On the main page of quibids, you see a slide show on the top and a banner (step 1 step 2 step3) below. Your job will be to place a similar slide slow and a similar banner.

4) In the "How it works tab" You will see an image on your left which says..."1) Purchase bids 2) bid on penny auctions..3) win deals"...The image needs to be changed. I will give you the new image and you will be required to place it in there.

5) Next to the image in the "how it works tab" is a video thing. I will give a video link on youtube which you will simply need to link to thing.

6) Erase "Email", "password" and “search...” automatically when clicked. This is in reference to the login panel and search bar on the top. One has to manually erase the words "email" before one starts typing their information. I will require you to make it such that as soon as you click on "email" the words should go away.

7) Varying customer loyalty discounts. In the back-end of our website there is an option of "customer discount". However, we cannot add users to that list of who will receive that discount. So, more or less the discount function is more or less available but the bug of not being able to assign discounts to users needs to be fixed. Also, there are only two options of discounts available in the backpanel (5 percent and 10 percent). I would appreciate if you could put in some other discount options like (1 percent and 2 etc).

8) Another bug that needs fixing is "bid history box" in the penny auction styles and fixed auction styles (there are three different types of auctions in the website which are already made...the bid history with normal auction works perfectly while the bid history box with penny and fixed auction does not refresh by itself...it doesnt show the latest bidders until page is physically refreshed). This problem is only seen on “fixed” and penny auction types. Normal auctions work perfectly.

9) I require a feature when a certain minimum time (or price. Whatever is easier to program) then time should not become higher than a certain x seconds. As explained earlier, it is a reverse auction. Everytime someone puts a bid on an item, the timer of the clock goes up by a fixed amount. However, currently there is no limit on the increment of time. For example, if there is a 30 second time increment everytime somebody bids. Lets say that the time on an item is 5 seconds left. And simultaneously, 5 users bid on the item. In our current website the time will add 5 x 30 seconds and go up to 2 mins and 35 seconds. However, your job will be program the timer feature that if a certain price has been reached then timer should not go above a certain value.

10) Most importantly, a friend referral program needs to be established. Person A can invite person B to join our website through a specific link linked to his account. When person B joins the website through person A's link and BUYS A BIDPACK (ONLY AFTER BUYING A BIDPACK) that person A will receive a credit of 7.5 dollars into his account. So, we need code which links accounts to amount of money earned. And we need to keep track of how many credits people have earned. And we will need a "redeem" button. By clicking on that button it will automatically send us an email that user X wants their money (unless you can suggest some automatic way?).

10) Encryption of the user database and private information and creating backups for the database. And other security features.

11) Basic Seo link building work.

12) When you make a payment on paypal and buy a bid pack. Eventhough the payments get transferred successfully. Mager, the bids do not get transferred to the buyers account. We need a system which will automatically upon buying the bids transfer bids to user account (MUST BE AUTOMATED)

13) Also, for bid packs that you win through bidding. We can list these through the traditional way. But, again, there needs to be an automated way for the person to receive these bids when he pays for them (if thats too complicated I guess we can do it manually perhaps for now) But, what is essential is tha tthe bids that people win need to be treated as DIFFERENT BIDS from purchased bids. There will need to be a seperate bid counter for these different types of bids. BECAUSE THESE BIDS DO NOW HAVE ANY VALUE WHEN IT COMES TO BUY IT NOW. They are quite simply just bids with 0 buy back value.

Skills: Anything Goes, Graphic Design, Link Building, Logo Design, PHP, SEO, Web Security

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