BigBlueButton Customization & Setup

We want to create a BigBlueButton web portal that allows us to run a simple group gaming exercise.


NOTE: YOU MUST BE A BigBlueButton Expert or we will NOT consider your proposal

This gaming exercise is comprised of 6 "slides". Each slide has a four quadrant box. The players of the game will be asked to collectively discuss the attributes for each box (which are embedded as textual descriptions).

Each slide also includes 20 icons/token that the online gaming participants "share". Any player can freely move the Icons/Tokens to any of the four quadrants. When Icons/Tokens are moved, all players see this happening "real time".

The Game "Instructor" will have the ability to "Freeze" and "Unfreeze" the ability for the participants to move the Icons/Tokens at any time (preferably with a simple button or toggle that only the instructor has access to). The "Instructor" will also be in complete control of which of the six slides the game players see on their screen at any given time.

Additionally, during game play we would like the Instructor to be able to push a button and automatically download a screen image of the contents of the slides.

Other Notes:

During Game Play, we wish to TURN OFF all controls for the gaming participants EXCEPT the ability to click with their mouse and move the icons/tokens that are displayed on each slide.

When a player "grabs" one of the Icons/Tokens, we would ideally like their first name to "hoover" below the icon until the icon is "deposited" in the desired location. we *might* also want to display the first name of the player who LAST moved and deposited the Icon/Token in it's current location on the slide.

We also will need Admin capabilities that allow us to:

1. Set up a "new games" and spawn a UNIQUE URL and/or create a Unique "Log-On" screen where the Game Participant enters a Game Name and Password

2. Probably some other "admin stuff" we haven't thought about.


1. We will want our Game to be hosted and include our companies URL so that it's easy to direct folks to our Game Portal.

2. We also want the "branding" to be consistent with our corporate colors, logo, etc.

Single Player Version

We would also like to create a Single Player Version in which the Player interacts with these same screens, but does so "alone" and has total control over each of the screens. The player would then "save" or "complete" the game and the game results would be saved somehow to an archive or retrievable record that corresponds to that players unique ID/Password Setup.

Skills: HTML5, PHP

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