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Looking for someone to create a combination social network that features the best of my favorite social networks: Facebook + LinkedIn + Match + Famiva + Stickam.

Be prepare to add all of the features of all the above websites.

I need this work done in 30 days from start of project.

Basically, what I want is a social network with multiple profiles, and separate profile privacy settings that can be managed by one Master Page. So, you can have your Friend Page, Work Page, Family Page, Dating Page. And one Master Page that has friend 'Status Updates', 'Friend Requests', 'Friend News Feeds', 'People You May Know' for all four Pages summarized on the Master Page.

For a semi-similar idea of multiple profiles and how that is done, see Moli.com.

Overall, each of the Profile Pages will be IDENTICAL to Facebook except for the following important differences:

Work Page will have features similar to LinkedIn. Be prepared to add all of the LinkedIn features.

Family Page will have features similar to Famiva - including the graphical family tree just like Famiva. Be prepared to add all of the Famiva features.

Dating Page will have a dating script just like [url removed, login to view] that 'recommends' 'people that you might be interested in'.

You will also include and customize a flash audio/video script so that it resembles [url removed, login to view]'s AV flash script so that members can A/V chat with their friends. There will also be a 'public chat room' where people can meet strangers and chat....like Stickam. The script should be RED5, and not Flash Media Server. You should be able to invite multiple friends to a private AV chat room.

You will make the profile pages generally very very similar to Facebook. The Friend Page should be an exact clone of Facebook. Every function. Every feature. It will look and act EXACTLY like Facebook. Not similar. Not bits and pieces. I want it EXACT. A clone. Facebook members should not be able to tell the difference. This way, you and I will avoid confusion of what I want. The only difference for the Friend page will be the addition of the A/V chat ability - and a list of 'Friends who are Online', and ability to 'Invite Friend to Chat'.

It must also have these same features from Facebook and they must be just like Facebook:

- Friend - News Feeds

- Profile Mini-Feed

- Status Updates

- People You May Know

- Invite Your Friends ( Import from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL,)

- Photos (with Friends's Albums)

- Events and Calendar

- Groups

- The Wall

- Posted items

- Profile Edit with same features as Facebook

- I don't want the 'Poke' feature or Gift feature.

It must have a Profile page and home page exactly like Facebook. With all of the same features.

It must be able to recommend potential friends based on School, School +year range (just like Facebook), and also by Employer.

When filling in school info on Profile Edit, it must have 'auto-fill' that recommends possible schools after filling in the first few letters, and limits the schools with more letters ( SEE FACEBOOK for example). It will also learn new schools to put in autofill if the school was not there previously. It will do the same with 'Employer'. ((I have a list of thousands of schools and employers for you. ))

In general, I want much of it exactly like Facebook.

At the end of project, I will have you make some custom modifications to that the website so that it is unique, special, and doesn't violate copyrights.

After you show me a working version of the website on your host, I will instruct you to make some style, graphic and text changes, so that we have a website that is unique. You will create elegant, simple, logo, and change of the cloned graphics to original graphics. You will create everything original.

Another modification that you will make is to add a script that will give points to members when they get their friends to join. You get 100 points for signing up. For each friend that was not previously a member, that you invite by email, you get 10 points. If the invited friends are already members, you don't get any points. You should be able to see which friends you invited, and which ones accepted that were not already members. It will show points assigned for each friend. Total points will be listed on member's home page. Each point will have a unique serial number so that I can track it on the admin page.

You must create an Admin page that has all of the features of the popular social network scripts and:

[url removed, login to view]

Admin page will also allow me to see all points that were issued, and to add and subtract points from members.

Also, able to see top 100 point holders.

Part of this project is to add a audio/video webcam script that closely resembles Stickam. You will be able to "Go Live" and broadcast your audio and video. For privacy settings, you can choose who can see and interact with you: Everyone, Members Only, Friends Only. Depending on which option you choose, your audio video live feed will be streaming to your profile page. When you Go Live, people who visit your profile page (who are given permission) will see your live webcam feed, and hear you. It will open a Audio/video chat window similar to [url removed, login to view] with 7 -10 video windows, allow for text message, and allow turn on/off of video/audio of windows.

There should be a chatroom that I can modify on admin page, where members can go and be public, and audio/video chat with other members. It should look exactly like Stickam.

This website must not rely on any services that require monthly (or other) fees for live video chat or other services. It must be completely self contained with all scripts. No outside services. No other software to buy. No Flash Media Server. Red5 Media Server is fine.

The website most have a backend page that allows for manipulation of all things that the popular social network scripts allow, plus also allow manipulation of video feed bitrate and upload maximums and allow me to change the bitrate of the video/audio transfer, so that if I need to accommodate more users, I can decrease bandwidth.

I will pay by escrow after completion, upload and debug. Your bid will be paid after project is complete.

I will put first $300 in your escrow now. I will pay you half of your bid when the project is entirely complete and functional on YOUR website. Remaining funds will be put in escrow at that point and will be paid when full website is complete, debugged, and uploaded to my server to my satisfaction.

I must emphasize, all software must be self contained. No outside services should be needed. You will put all software on my server(s). You will need to install/configure anything/everything that is necessary.

Code must be modular and elegantly organized, and easy for a novice like myself to sort through.

You will stay within your time schedule. No exceptions. If you are beyond your deadline date, I reserve the right to void and null the relationship and get escrow funds back.

All rights to software belong exclusively to me. You will not be able to share any part of any of this project with anyone else. I want 100% source code. Not even single file should be encrypted.

No generic messages. You must explain your ability to create this site and what video chat technology you will use.


Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, Joomla, JSP, MySQL, PHP

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