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I need a simple product database app, which downloads data from my server, and stores it locally, (for offline use).

My server can deliver the data in XML, JSON or whichever format preferred, (from a MySQL DB via PHP). The App should ideally check for an internet connection on start-up, then download ONLY new or updated products, so as not to download the whole database each time. The number of products could eventually run into 1000's, so it needs to only download new or updated products, not the whole DB, each time.

The App should have 4 TABS at the bottom of the screen, "Home", "Have it", "Want it", "Love it".

The main tab is the "Home" tab, which features the list of product categories, each with a thumbnail image, short description, and number of products in that category, ie:


Category A


Category B


Category C



When you select a category, you are taken to that category's products listing page, (much like an ebay or amazon app listing), where each product has:


- PHOTO (jpg)




[X] Have this [X] Want this [X] Love this

When the user checks one of these CHECKBOXES, that product gets added to the "Have it", "Want it" or "Love it" screens, under the other 3 tabs. If they un-check the CHECKBOXES under the "Have it", "Want it" or "Love it" screens, the product gets removed from that screen again.

That is the only functionality required. There is no user accounts, no ordering, or anything else, and nothing gets written back to the server. It's just an App that downloads the latest products and categories, and stores them in a local database, and allows the user to maintain their own "Have this", "Want this" and "Love this" lists.

ALSO... I need full ownership of the App, and copies of all the scripts / xcode, etc. I am hoping to build on this basic version at a later date, by adding more screens and functionality, etc, and I need to have full ownership of the project and source codes.

Skills: Graphic Design, Java, Mobile Phone, PHP, Software Architecture

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