Display graph(s) in PHP and Javascript (D3js) -> Generated from Python and MySQL

This project is to generate charts and graphs from a book. The charts and graphs will need to be displayed in PHP and through Javascript libraries (the [url removed, login to view] framework).

User input must direct which book (of two provided, initially) and language pairs (virtue/vice or positive/negative) to analyze and graph.

Because PHP has limited and slow parsing capabilities, the parsing and data generation will need to be done in Python. A MySQL database provides content for comparison.

This demonstration project is to generate: a graph of the number of virtue and vice words per 1% of the words in the book.

A1. Each graph must include labels, the series titles and labeling, and a chapter break designator. The total number of words in the book, in addition to the number of words per 1%, must be displayed at top.

Chapters in the book are designated by a === Chapter X === format (see raw text).

The 1% calculation must be performed dynamically -- as this method will be applied to other text files (books) and for other kinds of calculations.

A2. There will be two stacked bar graphs, selected at top with dropdown:

\---| Raw count (e.g., the number of virtue and vice words per 1% of the book)

\---| Percentage count (e.g., the percentage of virtue and vice words per 1% count).


(1) A php file to take user input about book and property selection from the user.

(2) A python library that receives dynamic input from PHP (book selector) to determine which book and language properties (virtue/vice, positive/negative) to query and display. The python library must perform text operations on the book (text file) and query/compare against the enclosed MySQL table.

(3) A charting page, in PHP and using the D3js library, to display the results generated through Python parsing.

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