Expert PHP, MySQL

We need an Expert PHP, MySql coder that has at least 3 years commercial experience and advanced programming skills. Please only apply if that is you.

A brief overview of the project is as follows-


Shopping cart

Admin +

some other modules of code, all will need integrating and the complete system testing and debugged (with our support)

So a large amount of the coding has been done (%). However, we need some more modules coding and then some integration of all the code and testing.

Full details of this project and specifications will be discussed with the short listed applicants who have the necessary skills and experience. (See below)

Must have worked on large scale complex projects, even though much of the code has been developed there is still quite a few modules to code and pulling everything together correctly without bugs will require an expert coder who has the ability to make suggestions and where necessary make recommendations and improvements.

Please provide references from previous projects. We look forward to talking to you in greater depth in the coming days. Best regards Mark


Further explanation of the standard modules still needed -

(Natural health websites)

There are 2 sections within this project, section 1 is called family Health & section 2 is called: Baby Health. Some of the components within the resources section for Family Health are the same as the resources within the baby health section. Areas that are different have been highlighted below separately.

The website has a shopping cart, that has already been coded, so basically it will just need to be hooked up (there may be some modifications)

There will be 3 levels of membership -

Level 1 is opt in to receive newsletter only

Level 2 = opt in to receive newsletter & to utilise all Free Resources

Level 3 = paid membership so people become members & have access to paid resources, discounts on products etc.

General members of the public that are not paid members can still purchase products, they just do not receive any points/discounts etc (the shopping cart already has customer levels set within it).

A full CMS system is required to allow the changing of content & change pictures (resizing) updating information of all web pages.

RSS Feed – there will be simple RSS feed

These 2 blogs are not actual blogs, they are areas that are utilised to display media stories, article stories & featured products. so basically just require the facility to be able to update/change pictures, update headlines to link to new pages, update article titles. So a database driven information upload area that is viewable by all users.

We will also attach a more conventional blog to [url removed, login to view] (or similar)

An appointment scheduler so people can book, cancel, reschedule appointments. They can see my calendar to see when I am available. I can go into the calendar & mark off free slots per clinic room & busy times, when they book an appointment it needs to send an email to me & to them. The client can only book an appointment once they have signed in - & provided their details such as name, email address, land line phone number, mobile. I need to have the ability to add & remove clinic rooms.

A Directory:

There will be 2 directories for the 2 different interactive sections of the website namely the: Baby Health & Family Health. Though these directories will be coded the same just referencing different data.

There will also be a form, which will be accessible via a login where free advertisers can go to update their business details. There is also an areas where paid advertisers adverts will go, they will receive a whole web page advert, they will also be able to update/modify their advertisement. For the Baby Health directory it will be an exact replica of the Family Health.

A Links Directory:

This area is for people to add their website details & link to my website, they can enter their details & press submit, they then add my website details to their website as per specification, they have up to 48 hours to add my details to their website Once they have added my details to their website I click add which populates their details from the database into my links directory.

Within the Resources pages of the Family Health Section please see below

Ask the Nutritionist; is a paid member area, it is where a person can post a nutritional/health question, they can select if they want it to be viewable public or private.

My Journal (x2) same code different design - an area where a person can record as in write, save, cancel, amend & delete & search for journal events by date/category this is accessible via a log in for paid members & free members.

Message Board (x2) same code different design - this is an area where people can post things for sale. or if they are wanting to purchase something or to inform people about events, exhibitions etc. This is available via a log in. Once the information has been inserted it comes to me so that I can approve it prior to it going live.

My Health Planner and My Pregnancy Planner: this area is accessible via log in for paid & free members, here they can set goals, change goals, sort goals, delete goals, change status of goals.

Online Chat Forum: (x2) same code different design

Members can post chats, respond to other chats, enter their profile including picture & general information, search for chats, accessible via log in for free & paid members. This is not live chat & is moderated by me - the moderator.

My Suggestions:

This is an area that is accessible via log in for free & paid members. Here they can add their suggestions/ideas about what they would like to see on the website or changes they think would be good.

Recommended Reading: This is a place where people can go & view suggested books & reviews on books. They can also rate books that they have read via a log in.

Self Test Tools:

(mini health quizzes) 20 different online self tests (i.e. a series of questions, true - false questions that a person answers & at the end of the test they are provided with the total score or overall answer on their health.

Recipe: This is an area where people can view recipes, & vote on their best recipe.

Success Stories: This is an area where members both free & paid can add their success story (their own write up & their picture) about how they achieved good health, weight loss etc.

The Baby Health Section

Birth Announcements: here members can insert a picture of their baby & their babies birth details this will be available for everyone to see.

Baby Contests: this area is for members to add a photo of their baby into the photo gallery, to add a baby story, to add a baby poem. The photo's, stories, poems will be viewable by everyone & they can vote on the ones that they think are best.

Due Date Calculator: here a pregnant lady enters her information & the calculator calculates her due birth date.

Baby Pages; Pregnancy Pages: These two areas are available to members they are only viewable to the member. Members will have their own area via a log in where these pages become personalised so they can upload their own pictures & text & change pictures & text.

A person needs to be able to rate items: by selecting a score of average, good, excellent for things like: recipes etc.

We will also want to include a couple of question and answer forms that will gather information from the user and output the results, nothing complex quite a simple module(s).

One of the forms we ware collecting exactly the same set of questions that a supplier of ours asks their clients, it is a health questionnaire, we want to replicate the questionnaire on this site and when the questions are completed by the user the url from the other websites is called via a script and the questionnaire on the suppliers website gets propagated with the information completed by a user on our website (replicated). If there is another way that is easy this may also be an option, (i.e) The other websites form is pulled into a view within this website and the form is then completed within this website so that it appears it is on our website (This may be an option?)

The website also requires a Search & a Quick Find facility

Also Search engines need to be able to index all dynamic database web pages.

No doubt many of you that are advanced coders will have quite a few modules from previous projects that can be used with slight modifications for this project and also natually there is a lot of open source code around that will enable faster project completion and reduced coder time frame delivery and costing.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Speak to you soon, thanks



Skills: Javascript, Linux, PHP, Project Management, XML

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