File Sharing System with Interface using Amazon or Rackspace Servers



My company shares large video files (up to 4GB) with our select customers using a file sharing service like YousendIt or SendSpace. The files are made available to our customers using public links -- but the links are the random looking type, so they can't be guessed. A link will give the customer a directory of files that they can then choose from and download at their convenience.

I'd like to be able to handle all of this myself, without a file sharing company. In addition the storage would be with Amazon or Rackspace.

The project is fairly simple -- and must be written in PHP. There should be an admin section where I am able to upload multiple files at a time to the server(s). This interface will also need to allow be to delete files, rename files, create directories, delete directories, etc. It should also have the option of creating an expired date and or # of times the file can be downloaded. Plus it should keep the typical stats of when the file was first uploaded, last time it was downloaded, file size, how many times it was downloaded, etc. Uploading files should be very fast and use all of the bandwidth I have available (currently 20megabit). It should also be able to handle disconnections and resume uploading, etc. Downloading of files should be as fast as the customer's connection.

After uploading -- it will then create a link (like [url removed, login to view]) which will be given to our customer. When you click on the link it should then show a page with our logo and some text at the top, followed by a list of files (it could be from one to several hundred). The customer can then click the files they want to download.

Everything should be created with the "Twitter Bootstrap" library and be very clean, efficient and neat.

This is very similar to a file sharing type company, but there are no ads, no registrations, etc. It will just be a way for us to share a directory of files with one of our customers using Amazon or Rackspace cloud server services.

If you still have questions -- check out [url removed, login to view] and have it mimic their uploading application, link creation and download page. But -- everything needs to use the "Twitter Bootstrap" library to make it look clean and nice.

I will give you exact screen shots of how everything should work and function. No payments will be made until you can prove to me that you have created such an application that can handle large files easily and at fast speeds.

All code should be neat and well documented.

Skills: Amazon Web Services, Cloud Computing, HTML, Javascript, PHP

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