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Hi this is a multipart script:


1. create a script that allows me to provide an adult IMAGE GALLERY link, and it will let me choose to either:

a) Provide a "fusker" for the chosen site (display the images from the gallery directly on my site, but linked to their site)


b) Spider all the images and save them to my desired location (either on my server, or another one. Example of this is here: [url removed, login to view]

Initial Requirements:

1. ABILITY TO GET MOST OF ADULT GALLERY TYPES: Simple galleries store their images in the following manner: [url removed, login to view][0-10].jpg, this should be relatively easy to fusk, given that there already is code to fusk this out there. However, more complex examples are: [url removed, login to view][0-10].htm which then leads u to another page with the picture AND the ads. The script needs to be smart enuff to load the final .JPG on the htm load page.

Sometimes galleris also load pics via php, ie [url removed, login to view][0-10].php Script should also be able to grab these

2. The script should be able to take a gallery LINK: ie. [url removed, login to view] and be able to work. User is not required to provide any other info (such as, the image range "[[url removed, login to view]]" etc.

3. Thumbnail creator/editor

Upon providing the IMAGE GALLERY LINK, script should allow user to create/edit a thumbnail via :

-- show user all availbable thumbnails in the site, and allow him to choose which thumbnail to use as the image gallery thumbnail (this thumbnail is then saved locally)

-- if user wants to CUSTOM create his thumbnail, also allow user to click on one of the FULL SIZE images in the gallery, and custom crop/save his thumbnail. Code for thumbnail editing can be adapted/used from here: [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] (Save u time coding!)

4. BOOKMARKLET: There should also be a js FF/IE/SAFARI compatible bookmarklet (bookmarklet loads the js source off my server instead of in the browser). User can just click the bookmarklet when he views a site that has teh gallery he likes.

5. Have a page that displays thumbnails of ALL added galleries in one single page of thumbnails. Example is: [url removed, login to view]

Clicking on the thumbnail will then bring user to the gallery.

6. When provided a gallery URL, code should first determine if gallery site is:

a) preventing hotlinking of images (in the case that user chooses to FUSK site)

b) banning my site from getting images (in the case that user chooses to save images directly on my server)

c) if any other errors are encountered (eg. unable to find image range)

Once determined, script will prompt user error occured.

7. There should be a process bar indicator when site is being processed. Example of this is arylia:

[url removed, login to view]

Which is very good, esp regarding the web extraction part (would have bought the software to modify if not for the encoded code)

8. User experience should be as follows:

Step 1: Browse to find a gallery and hit bookmarklet, OR enter gallery URL directly in textbox on my server.

Step 2: If site passes error check process (as per 6 above), prompt user to either "FUSK" or "SAVE IMAGES DIRECTLY ON SERVER"

Step 3: Prompt user to choose / custom edit thumbnail (as per 3 above)

Step 4: Proceed to process site, and add data to database.

9. EASY TO READ CODE with good use of functions (less OOP Please!) so i can reuse them in other parts of my scripts.


1. PHP5

2. Apache 2

3. Mysql 4.1

4. WINDOWS BOX (if any other additional scripts/libraries are needed for example cUrl etc are needed, must let me know instructions on installation)

Thanks!! :)

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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