OsCommerce - A Better Gift Certificate System 2

Please note before you bid:

1. This project will require an OsCommerce expert. We will check to see if you've done OsCommerce customizations in the past.

2. We chose a provider for this project over 3 weeks ago and he did nothing on it for over 3 weeks (except ask for payment in the beginning). He said it would be done in 4 days but never even logged into the sandbox for the project. So here we go again. We need a real provider. Someone with integrity.

3. Let's not waste each others time. If you don't have at least 3 positive feedback ratings then this project is not a fit for you.

4. If you say that it will take 7 days then at least show us 7 days of progress. We need to be communicated with during this process. There will be things that we will need to look at as the project progresses.

5. Ask questions. We want you to have questions on how certain aspects of this project will behave.

Here is the overview:

We have an existing E-Commerce website created in OsCommerce with a few contributions installed. One item that is being used is the "Discount Coupon Codes" add-on that we will still need or a similar discount code system to work with this new project.

We attempted to use the CCGV(trad) Module, but really dislike the way that it works.


1. User buys a pre-determined gift card amount.

2. User checks out.

3. User is given credit under My Account for gift voucher.

4. User has to go under My Account, click Send Gift Certificate, enter a recipient and then choose an Amount to send (giving the ability to send LESS than the amount purchased, but why would anyone want to do this?)

5. Recipient comes to the website to redeem gift certificate.


1. This can be listed as an item in the store. When you click on the item a page in our template would bring up a simple form (see image posted under files for this project)

2. User could enter ANY amount between $5-$500. instead of having preset gift certificate amounts.

3. User enters the recipient name, senders name, email and a small message before adding to cart.

4. User checks out.

5. Upon successful checkout, gift certificate email (HTML formatted with design that we will template) along with random cert number is sent to recipient along with user's message. NO APPROVAL PROCESS BY ADMIN is required. Embedded link as well as plain text code should be in the email.


1. Validate form - If the amount is below or above $5-$500 will create an ajax overlay page advising the user to enter a valid amount with close button. Same if any of the required fields are not filled in. There will be 2 other required fields for email address to send cert to as well as name cert is being sent to. If an ajax overlay too difficult then we're open to other error feedback ideas such as an alert popup.

2. Admin tool - We want the ability to create & send a gift cert as well as tracking which certs have been purchased, their code etc.

3. No shipping applied on this specific product. We will not be able to use the "download" option in the backend to enable no shipping charges on this product (when weight is null or 0). It must have no shipping charges some other way of your choosing.

Reason: We use the weight field to display the product weight or volume details for each product & client does not want a weight value assigned for products that does not require a weight display. Currently, if the weight field is 0 or null, it does not show up at all on the front end & we would like to keep it this way.

4. Coupon codes cannot be used for purchasing this product but may be used upon checkout with coupon code. If we still continue to use the same "Discount Coupon Codes" add-on then we have the ability to have the gift cert item to be exempt.

5. Gift Cert balance - Recipient can check their balance under the "my account" page.

6. Not enough funds - On checkout payment page, If gift cert is less than amount in cart a dialog or ajax popup will appear letting the user know the amount they're trying to use & to let them know to add a credit card for the remaining balance. (please note that we also have an external link to paypal as a payment option but are open to having this option disabled with the coupon code as long as we have an ajax or other dialog popup advising the user when they choose this as the payment method.)


1. We obviously cannot give access to the live site due to security reasons & would like to test out the system before going live. So we've created a sandbox of the site that you'll be able to use & modify. We need our current customizations to continue function as well as our design. We are also using the "User Access Control" contribution on the admin section.

2. We will need the complete new/modified files along with SQL query to create any tables that will be necessary on our live site.

3. Documentation. We will need a list of new files along with which files have been modified. Would prefer for you to send files just as though we were installing a contribution where as the directory structure is similar to a standard oscommerce ms2 installation.

Things you may want be aware of:

1. We are using the PayPal Website Payments Pro U.S. API & have a sandbox account.

2. We are using 3 shipping options. Table rate for standard shipping, & 2 flat rate amounts for overnight & 3 day delivery.

3. To make sure that whomever bids on this project actually read our requirements and didn't just bid for the sake of bidding, when you bid on this project please start your bid with the secret word "Popeye". This way we know you're serious about completing this project and actually looked at the description for it. We will need this project completed ASAP. We will take you at your word that if you say it will take 5 days, we want to see something in 5 days after we've escrowed payment to you. The project might take longer & that's reasonable. We just need to know you're working on it.

If you wish to propose any further functionality we may have overlooked or if you have any other questions please let us know.

We're new to getafreelancer but looking to start a partnership on many projects. We would like to establish a long-term relationship with a developer and continuing to work on future projects if this one goes well. If you need any references from us, please let us know. We're based in the US but are open to working with our global community of web 2.0 developers. Thanks.

Skills: AJAX, Javascript, PHP, Shopping Carts, Website Design

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