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Here are requirements for a small project I have for you, these are the basic details, but not all of the requirements, contact me for the rest via messanger via above listed contact details.

I need Registration and profile system with admin backend, I need the exact requirements for registration as UserCake system below, with addition of field called profile_filled, description of that field is below.

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My example Profile form for for Canadian Users, with js validation that we need converted to server side php/java validation.

[url removed, login to view]

There should be a user field added to the registration system called profile_filled with null for default or profile_countryX which is the country the profile is filled in for, when the user logs on the db will be checked to see if profile_filled value is null, if so will be directed to profile home page that asks them what country they are residing in from ex: Canada,United States,Europe, user selects ex: Canada, the user will be redirected to profile_canada form, the user will fill out the profile form, the username that the user logged on with, will be captured in a session variable and when the form is submitted the username and form information will be inserted into the profile_canada table,in the second scenerio, if the user logs on and the profile_filled is ex: "profile_countryX" then you will get the form details from 1) checking in the profile_filled to see in what table the users form details are in,if for ex: the user profile_filled is listed as profile_canada, then you will go to the profile_canada table and retrieve the form details for that user. The user will be able to edit what we authorize, the previous answers will always be recorded in the db so we can access them for fraud control.

I have almost got the cc js validation integrated but not quite, the psoitive validation should be removed, in cc js when user enters wrong cc number he should not be ableto move forward to next field, as is he can. Try to enter cc number 5113402042929944 it is valid

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Sin validation below and attached js

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iban will be integrated into european customer banking profile which I am building the script attached

[url removed, login to view] the js is on the web page for download

I need form transformed into wizard as below

try this one [url removed, login to view],

I separated the code for the form into 4 pages for wizard creation and attached it.

Skills: Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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