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170403 Website on-exit chat window

Product Description:

The system has the ability to launch a chat window every time the client tries to close the page where the script has been installed. A DHTML chat window appears in the middle of the page, similar to a live agent popup chat.

The chat window simulates Instant Messaging between the client and the virtual agent by using a delay between agent responses and notifying the client that the agent is typing, just like YM.

The virtual agent chats using a standard chat template and following predefined lines of answers for each client's question.

Application Description

The website (server) will be responsible for hosting the whole application. The domain contains the database with the clients' accounts, and the website interface.

1. The database contains each client's information: client's name, product name, product URL, order link with discount, customer support link (or email). A Client can have more than one product in their account. Each product has a predefined chat template (see the attached [url removed, login to view] instructions) that can be edited by the client to match their needs. For each product, the application will generate a code to be placed on the desired page that will trigger the chat popup window.

2. The chat window is divided into sections that can be customized for each product, to match the client's needs. The client can select from different colors for each section, as well as the text color and elements position (see attached picture). We will provide a series of templates that will be loaded into the application database.

3. The client interface. Each client will login into his account using an username and password. He will have the possibility to add/modify/delete a product. For each product the client will fill in the forms with the required information, on steps. Each step must contain:

a. Step 1 � Create New Product

i. the product name

ii. the product URL

iii. the order discount link (LINK1)

iv. the product's original price (%ORIGINAL_PRICE%)

v. the discounted price(%REDUCED_PRICE%)

vi. the customer support link or email

vii. the name of the virtual agent (%AGENT%)

viii. �click to continue to step 2� button

b. Step 2 � Add new page and CBExitSale code

i. the page name

ii. the page link

iii. a �Press this button to generate the code� button that fills in a text area with the code to be placed on the desired page.

iv. the generated chat window popup file that needs to be placed at the desired location (for example, in the same directory as the page) indicated with clear instructions.

v. a �Click Here to continue to step 3� button page� button

c. Step 3 � Finish and test

i. This page contains a report for each page. Basically, a script needs to run and check the pages to find the code placed in the right position on each page, as well as checking for the chat window html to find it in the correct place on the client's product URL.

ii. The report will show successful installed code and notify when the code was not placed correctly or doesn't exist on the pages defined by the client.

iii. a �Click Here to add a new page� and a �Click Here to continue� button that redirects to the user main dashboard.

4. The admin interface

a. The admin user has the option to see the number of products for each client as well as the total products number.

b. The admin can run queries on the database for searching and exporting the queries of the client's input information, such as questions that don't appear in the chat template (obscene text, for example) as well as negative answers for the reduced price offer. The negative answers can later be linked to the default answer if the client refuses the offer, for example.

Technical Description

The application has to be written in PHP with MySQL support. It has to be secure, intuitive, modular and very reliable.

The chat window popup is a DHTML window that uses AJAX for server-side communication and Javascript where needed.

Coding languages accepted:




- Javascript



Please provide a deadline for each module and a fair price for each one, as well as a total amount for the whole application. This should be pretty quick and easy for somebody who knows what they are doing.

After this is done, we would like to continue developing this project. Please let us know if you're available and interested.

If you have any questions, or you need other clarifications, please feel free to ask.

Thank you!

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, XML

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