Blue Location Dot Added to Joomla Jreviews Maps Module

In Progress

You need to modify some modules in JReviews, and Joomla, and provide a full description of all your work processes and all coding to me so that my developers can apply these modifications across several similar sites.

This work is not totally unique in objective. A good coder will know how to look at coding on examples we provide below, manipulate, customise and reapply this code.

Objective in detail:

1. Look at [url removed, login to view] Notice that the map centres on coordinates in Cardiff, UK. This needs to change to:

a) have a blue Google Maps location dot that shows the user's position (similar to the Rightmove App with iOS, when clicking on the map for any property listing)

b) centre the map on this position

c) load listings by proximity to the blue dot

2. Look at [url removed, login to view] You will see that when you load the page (from most developed countries and from iOS devices) the page asks if you want to give permission to use your location, and then loads your device's or router's address in he 'start' field on the 'maps' tab. Note that the Blackberry-derived code that we have manipulated, uses the location of the user's router, NOT the location of their ISP's server. Whereas, the existing GeoMaps module in JReviews uses the ISP's server address, which is not useful, as this may be hundreds of miles from the user's position. We want the user to be able to search listings drectly around their actual physical location. (With iOS and mobile devices that have GPS, this should be very easy - you just need to copy code that uses the location coordinates, to at least 4 decimal places, and know where to apply this on the Joomla module).

3. Go to [url removed, login to view] and use the search bar to search for anything obvious, so that a page of listings results. See the map that shows at top right hand corner. You will need to add a blue dot so that when viewing the map, the user can see where their position is in relation to the position of listings on this page.

The coder will need to liaise closely with me as there may be some additional explanations of the objective that will need to be communicated via questions and answers through Skype or by phone.


60% of amount agreed for work to be paid when we have functionality on 1 site.

The remaining 40% to be paid when we have a clearly understandable record of the work and can prove that this is communicated correctly and entirely by ensuring that my developers can duplicate these modifications and achieve successful functionality on one additional site.

Skills: Cartography & Maps, Google Earth, Joomla, PHP

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