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I need some PHP script (compatibility with LAMP platform) that allows me to interact with Google Drive. I have to create a platform where I allow some users to download some files that I store on my Drive through the website. I want to use Google Drive for data storage , avoiding to save files on my server . I need :

A) Form to upload files on Drive with folder select (or create new folder), choice of users who can view the file. The file name and user ID are stored in mysql database (I don't need sharing options provided by Google Drive, but I want to create my own system to decide what to share, managing the authorizations through mysql)

B) Area for managing files on Drive , displaying folders , delete folders , delete files, rename files, move files to other folders ( for the Administrator, I prefer drag and drop and right click options). I want to display information about the size of single files and folders

C) User Area to show files and folders, using the mysql database to identify which data are available

D ) Users can download the files or store them on their Google Drive , after authorizing a specific Google Drive Application that I need to develop

E) If possible, all the files have to be synced with my Google Drive Desktop Application. On a specific folder in Google Drive Desktop Application I will paste some files that automatically will be synced with the web application, so I will manage the sharing options

On completion of work , I need a step by step guide for configuring Google Developers . I need to verify that the programming code has not security bugs , I provide further details later. I'm a software developer, so I can provide specific information. I ask for support because for lack of time, so I need to know after how many days the project is completed before starting the work.

If developers have any suggestions to improve this project and propose other features I can evaluate them and ask for their implementation.

Skills: MySQL, PHP

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