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Just finished transfering my shop to a new host and now I wanna start upgrading.

I will need some or alle of the below done on the site, there is a large probability that the list will grow, and grow more.

I very strongly prefer people that speak fluent english, and have instant messaging (MSN).

I am willing to pay a bonus for a stability and speed in the job done. Depending on the end result

This isn't really sorted in priority, the priority is based on price and availability but:

0. Paypal payment module - this is partly integrated allready but needs updating, the IPN module specifically isn't working.

0a. Google Analytics, again, this is allready half done but needs some tweaking, should be a quick job this one.

1. "Nicer Menus" I'd like a redesign of the menu's, generally the site is hellish ugly ( I know) but right now it will have to do - the menues do annoy me in their current form though (check something like [url removed, login to view] I like their menus, though too many different colors there).

2. "Highlighted Offers" I'd like a "Daily / weekly" offers box somewhere (Either a box like now or somewhere on the front page) with extra hot offers.

3. "Meta Tags" The site really needs some Meta Tags, I rate super at google but that's because I include the specific words on the front page - I have no idea about how meta tags are implemented but it's something i'd love to have done.

4. "SEO urls" - my previous programmer installed some but it didn't work properly - from what I understand SEO urls means my sites are not [url removed, login to view] but [url removed, login to view] - this should help me in serach engines as well, right?

5. "Greyed out OK button" Another thing, though this should be less of a problem with the new host, some times the credit card site loads a little while, and customers press the "ok" button several times, this creates duplicate orders and payments and generally screw things up. - you can test it at the credit card payment site to see for yourself - I'd like a message to pop up when you click or maybe the some text next to the button that states it's loading, while the button turns "grey" so you can't click it again.

6. "Bank payment" I would like to add online banking as a payment form to the site (customers paying directly from their internet banks)

7. "Security tests" - The site would benefit from a security upgrade. Checking files and closing holes.

8. "Category descriptions" This one im very eager to have done and is one of the highest priorities. Basically i'd like to be able to make a "front" page for some of the hot product categories. Take [url removed, login to view];osCsid=13qp86i0ffb0qnv27m63o323b3 for example, at the moment you just get those 2 links, which really ain't very exciding. I'd like to have an editable page (html and text) sort of like the index page where I can add text and images. I would use that to explain what the product is about and explaining other useful things. Currently when I try to edit the site and add stuff I get php errors -.-

9. "Customer/group discounts" Also very important - I'd like to be able to tag certain customers to give them discounts on certain items - either through a code ( I don't like that it can be abused) or through their accounts.

10. "above - continued" linked to the above, i'd like an option for specific categories to add discounts for the usergroups that qualife. Like Warhammer 40K = no discount, yugioh = 10% discount, makes sense?

11. "Pop up image links" I'd like the pop up images to link to the items they represent (currently they aren't clickable).

12. "small text change" Currently the product_model header is "Sjældenhed on all items" [url removed, login to view];osCsid=13qp86i0ffb0qnv27m63o323b3 I'd like that changed to "Type" (just text).

13. "Free shipping" I'd like a way to make certain items qualify for free shipping. (like digital items)

14. "Empty Basket" I'd like an "empty Basket" function in the basket screen.

15. "Invoice sort order" Oh, another neat one. I'd like the products to be sorted based on their category on the invoice screen. This makes ordering easier for me.

misc. I'm open for suggestions and ideas.

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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